The Economic History Society

The Economic History Society



The objects of the Economic History Society (founded 1926), as stated in its Constitution, are:

* Promote the study of economic and social history

* Establish closer relations between students and teachers of economic and social history

* To issue the Economic History Review

* To publish and sponsor other publications in the fields of economic and social history;

* To hold an annual conference and to hold or participate in any other conference or meeting as may be deemed expedient in accordance with (a) and (b) above;

* To co-operate with other organisations having kindred purposes


The Economic History Society was inaugurated at a general meeting held at the London School of Economics on 14 July 1926. Richard Henry Tawney took the chair and, after the resolution to form the Society had been carried unanimously, the meeting discussed the constitution and aims of the Society and proceeded to elect its first officers, with Sir William Ashley as the first President. The publication of the Economic History Review was also discussed and R. H. Tawney and Mr Lipson were appointed as joint editors.


* ['economic')AND(RefNo='history')AND(RefNo='society')) Catalogue] of the papers of the Economic History Society at [ London School of Economics Archives]

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It was founded by Eileen Power (1899-1940) one of the most understated historians of her time

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