Twelfth Texas Legislature

Twelfth Texas Legislature

The Twelfth Texas Legislature met from 8 February 1870 to 2 December 1871 in four sessions — provisional, called, regular, and adjourned.


* 12th Provisional session: 8 February24 February 1870: Legislative members eligible to take the qualifying oath were required to convene 8 February 1870 to ratify the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution in order for Texas to be readmitted to the Union, and to elect two U.S. Senators. Both houses of the legislature were required to adjourn daily until all members had qualified.
* 12th Called session: 26 April15 August 1870
* 12th Regular session: 10 January31 May 1871
* 12th Adjourned session: 12 September2 December 1871

Party summary



; Lieutenant Governor: James W. Flanagan (Provisional) ref|Flanagan; President "pro tempore" (Lieutenant Governor "ex officio"): Donald Campbell, Republican, Called Session, Regular Session: David Webster Flanagan, Republican, Adjourned Session: Albert Jennings Fountain, Republican, Adjourned Session: David Webster Flanagan, Republican, Adjourned Session

Flanagan was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1869. He was declared “Provisional Lieutenant Governor” by Special Order No. 6, Fifth Military District, on 8 January 1870 and presided over the Provisional session of the Senate. During that session, he was elected to the U.S. Senate and was never sworn in as Lieutenant Governor.

House of Representatives

; Speaker of the House: Ira Hobart Evans, Republican, 18701871: William Henry Sinclair, Republican, 18711873


Members of the Twelfth Texas Legislature at the beginning of the provisional session, 8 February 1870:


* Petit did not attend the Provisional Session. He was sworn in on 26 February 1870 at the beginning of the Called Session.
* Evans refused to qualify on 8 February 1870, but did qualify and was sworn in on 10 February 1870.

House of Representatives

* Richard Allen
* James Buckner Barry
* D. W. Burley
* Giles Cotton
* J. Goldsteen Dupree
* Ira Hobart Evans
* Jeremiah Hamilton
* Gustav Hoffmann
* Orlando Newton Hollingsworth
* Mitchell Kendall
* Fergus Kyle
* David Medlock
* John Mitchell
* Henry Moore
* Shepherd Mullens
* Henry Phelps
* Julius Schuetze
* William Henry Sinclair
* Richard Williams
* Benjamin Franklin Williams

Membership changes

* District 2: Swift elected in special election 3 October6 October 1871.
* District 3: Dillard elected in special election 28 November1 December 1870.
* District 3: Dillard reelected in special election 3 October6 October 1871.
* District 26: Hillebrand elected in special election 28 November1 December 1870.

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