Pshevorsk (Hasidic dynasty)

Pshevorsk (Hasidic dynasty)

Pshevorsk is a small Hasidic movement based in Antwerp, Belgium, led by the Leiser rabbinical dynasty, originating in the Polish town of Przeworsk.


The first Rebbe, Moshe Yitzchak, was a son of Rabbi Naftoli Elimelech, son of Rabbi Avrohom of Gorlice, who was a son of the Rebbe Reb Mylekh of Lizhensk. After his marriage he settled in Przeworsk, Poland. He survived the Holocaust and moved to Paris. In 1956 he settled in Antwerp, where he lived until he died on Yom Kippur in 1976 (year 5737 in the Hebrew calendar). His son-in-law Rebbe Yaakov Leiser succeeded him. Rebbe Yaakov served as Pshevorsker Rebbe until 1998, when he died and was succeeded by his son Leibish Leiser, the current Rebber of Pshevorsk.

Reb Yankele and Reb Yitzchak are buried in Putte, in the Netherlands, because a Belgian law makes it possible to reuse or build on top of gravesites. As such, the Jews of Antwerp have traditionally been buried in Putte, where the sanctity of gravesites is assured.

Reb Yaakov's grandson became engaged on the February 24th, 2006 to a member of the Halberstam Rabbinical family.


In Belgium

On Jewish holidays, such as Rosh Hashanah ("new year"), hundreds of Pshevorsker Hasidim and also other Hasidim such as Viznitz and Satmar come to Antwerp to pray at the Pshevorsker prayer gatherings, which are usually held in a large wedding hall.

The Pshevorsker's headquarters is the beis midrash (or, "study hall") known as "Beis Yitzchok" at Mercatorstraat 56 in Antwerp.

Outside of Belgium

There are organized groups of Pshevorsk Hasidim in London and also in Manchester, and smaller groups in the United States and Israel.


Ideologically, Pshevorsk is a combination of four different offshoots of Tsanz and it is currently affiliated with Satmar.


*Rebbe Moshe Yitzchak (Reb Itzikl) Gevirzman of Pshevorsk (1881-1976)
**Rebbe Yaakov (Reb Yankele) Leiser of Pshevorsk (1907-1998), son-in-law of Reb Itzikl
***Rebbe Leibish Leiser of Pshevorsk, present Pshevorsker Rebbe, son of Reb Yankele

The Pshevorsker Rebbes

ee also

*Jewish Community of Antwerp

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* [ Extensive article about Rebbe Itzikel, lot of background on Pshevorsk]
* [ Obituary of Rebbe Itzikl Pshevorsker]
* [ Declaration against Zionism, signed by Reb Yankele (Rabbi Jacob Leiser)]

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