The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs

The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs

infobox television
show_name = The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs

format = Animated series
runtime = 30 minutes
creator = Jim Benton
voices = Mary Kay Bergman Jim Cummings Ami Dolenz Micky Dolenz Kath Soucie Adam West
country = CAN USA
network = Jetix
num_episodes = 22|

"The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs" is a children's animated series, produced by Saban Entertainment, that aired on Fox Kids from 1998 until it was cancelled in 1999. It was about the SpyDogs, a secret organization of dogs, dedicated to protecting mankind from the evils of the world.


All animals can walk on two legs and talk. The first season of The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs used traditional cel animation, but the second season used the digital ink and paint process.

Main operatives

*Dog Zero (voiced by Adam West)Breed: unknown Home: unknown Rank: Chief of the Spydogs

*Ralph (voiced by Mickey Dolenz)Breed: Mutt Home: America Rank: High ranking SpyDog
*Mitzy (voiced by Mary Kay Bergman)Breed: Terrier Home: America Rank: High ranking SpyDog
*ScribbleBreed: Mutt Home: America Rank: SpyDog-in-Training
*AngusBreed: Scottish Terrier Home: Scotland Rank: Technology

*VonRabie (voiced by Jim Cummings)Breed: Pit Bull, Boxer, Rottweiler and Doberman Home: America (originally from Australia) Rank: Operative

*BARK squad-S.W.A.T. dogs. They always wear helmets and waistcoats. Their names are Furry (leader), Dallas, Buck and Hatchet

Other operatives

*AyannaBreed: Basenji Home: India Rank: Operative
*ChukchiBreed: Siberian Husky Home: Antarctica Rank: Operative at Ice Station Husky
*DahgChowBreed: Chow Chow Home: China Rank: Operative
*ErinBreed: Irish Setter Home: Ireland Rank: Operative


*Baron Bone: Attempted to corner the market in beef, by luring all the cows in the world with a giant ball of cud.
*Catastrophe: The arch-nemesis of the Spydogs organization; A cat with mechanical tail, which he was forced to wear because it was bitten off by a dog. He tried to take over the world with an army of mummy cats and Bastet. His metal tail suggests he is a parody of Dr. No, while he is sometimes seen stroking a mouse similar to Ernst Stavro Blofeld's white cat. Voiced by Jim Cummings.
*Colosatron: Computer that wanted to take over the world. Its name and goal are taken from the film "".

*D'Cell: He tried to steal every new gadget in the world so he would be on the cutting edge of technology.
*Ernest Anyway: He tried to capture the Loch Ness monster. His name is a parody of writer Ernest Hemingway.
*Ernst Stavro Blowfish: He took control of all the fast food restaurants in the world, just because he thinks he is evil. Named after Ernst Stavro Blofeld.
*Maws: Catastrophe's assistant with big teeth, a spoof of Jaws.
*Mistress Pavlov: She tried to use her hypnotic powers to have the owners of dogs do her bidding.
*Porkzilla: He is not really evil. After he drank special potion to grow bigger, he became huge and went to the city to eat, a spoof of Godzilla.
*Space Slugs: They tried to bury the would in slime to recreate their home world which was destroyed. Also tried to mutate the children of the world into Space Slugs by tainting lunchroom food in schools.
*Spin Doctors: They put a spell on the TV watchers of the world to make them watch too much television.



"Dog tags"-communicators

"Hydrant"-hydrant samurai

"Humanesks"-androids large enough for one spydog.

"Pet Store Plane"-planes. Usually used to transport cargo.


*"Bone bomb"-bone that explodes

*"Flash bone"-big flash that can temporary blind someone

*"Bone phone"-telephone

Episode list

Season 1 (1998-1999)

# K-9 / Postal
# Hair / Homework
# Bone / Time
# Spin / Earnest
# Twilight / Fetch
# Small / Water
# I.H.R.F. / Oatz
# D'Cell / Halfday
# Pups / Zero (pre-empted)
# Obedience / DoggyLand
# Lunch / Iditarod
# Porkzilla / Money
# Mange / Scribble

Season 2 (1999)

# Tusk / Install
# Charlie / Automutt
# Granny / Founders
# Tail / Tomorrow
# Howl / Thirteen
# Escape / Exposed
# Virgil / Bunny
# DNA / Santa
# B.A.R.K. / Being


* Behold... the dog. We know him as man's best friend, but... what do we really know? In truth, all dogs belong to a secret organization dedicated to keeping mankind safe from REALLY BAD STUFF. These are their amazing true stories. These are the Secret Files of the Spydogs! (played over opening credits)

* That's right, ya wee parasites. Run away back to your mothers. Because those are my big, floppy foam hats down there. Ohh... they said it wouldn't work. They said, what are you going to do with expandable big floppy foam hats? Well save the blinkin' world, that's what! They laughed at me when I invented the big floppy foam hat. Well who's laughing now, tell me that? Who's laughing now! HA! HA! HA! - Angus

* I've devised a plan! It's a crazy plan, but a plan nonetheless!


* Executive Producers: Daniel Kletzky, Margaret Loesch, Haim Saban, Eric S. Rollman, Jim Benton, Michael Hack
* Based upon characters created by: Jim Benton
* Producer: Will Meugniot
* Story Editor: Michael Ryan
* Character Designer: John Fang
* Prop Designers: Marc J. Ratner, Ron Harris, Shannon Eric Denton
* Layout Designers: Ricardo Abrines, Pat R. Agnasin
* Storyboard Supervisor & Director: Dave Simons
* Storyboards: Tate Roman Arambula, Dave Simons, John Conning, Bob Curtis, Bill Dubay, Bob Fuentes, Mike Hedrick, Rick Hoberg, Brian Hogan, Don Jurwich, Marty Murphy, Tom Nesbitt, Norm Quebedeau, Scott Shaw, Keith Tucker
* Storyboard Revisionist: Lothell Jones
* Color Stylist: Jo Meugniot
* Painted Backgrounds: Kelly Akins
* Animation Timing Director: Karen Peterson
* Supervising Director: Philip A. Reynolds
* Timing Directors: Dora Case, Mark Glamack, Louie Kachivas, Gwen Wetzler
* Track Reader: Laure A. Wetzler
* Lip Sync: Erik Jan Peterson
* Direction Assistant: Robert Nadsady
* Animation Checker: Joe Dempsey
* Casting & Voice Director: Jamie Simone
* Talent Coordinator: Gustavo A. Pablik
* Dialogue Recordists: David W. Barr, Kevin Newson
* Executive in Charge of Post Production: Clive H. Mizumoto
* Sound Operations Director: Xavier Garcia
* Re-Recording Mixers: Mike Draghi, Mark Ettel, T.A. Moore Jr.
* ADR Recordists: David W. Barr, Kevin Newson
* Dialogue Editors: John Garcia, Michael Garcia
* Sound Effects Editors: Martin Flores, Zoli Osaze, Alan Porzio, Johnnie Valentino
* Foley Artists: Susan B. Lewis, Kalea L. Morton
* Audio Assistants: B.C. Celello, Don Sexton
* Music by: Shuki Levy, Kussa Mahchi
* Executive in Charge of Music: Ron Kenan
* Music Supervisor: Andrew R. Muson
* Music Producers: Dori Amarillo, Glenn Lacey, Jeremy Sweet
* Music Editors: Barron Abramovitch, Paul Kristan
* Music Engineer: Dori Amarillo
* 2nd Music Engineers: Jim Di Julio, Tim Gosselin, Al Lay
* Music Assistants: Juliana Bolden, Dusty Rabbin, John Sperger
* Production Manager: Barbara Cordova Manzo
* Production Coordinator: Kimberly S. Moreau
* Production Assistant: Darlene A. D'Arezzo
* Director of Post Production: Dan Laborico
* Post Production Supervisor: Fifun Amini
* Post Production Coordinator: Rodney Hoewt
* Offline Editor: Katina Zinner
* Assistant Offline Editor: Shawn Logue
* Online Editors: Howard Stein, Scott Cooper
* Telecine Colorist: Brian Borne
* Overseas Supervisor: Cam Drysdale
* Animation Studio: Dai Won Animation Co. Ltd
* Executive in Charge of Animation: Dana C. Booton

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