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Pro TV, reaching around 82% of households in Romania [ [ Televiziunea Română ] ] , operates under the PRO TV SA license owned by Central European Media Enterprises managed by the businessman Ronald Lauder, which includes Acasa TV, Pro TV Internaţional and Pro Cinema TV stations. The TV station had an average rating of 2.8% in the first three months of 2008 (urban level) [ [ Gfk Romania data ] ] , followed by a station with an average rating of 2%. Pro TV is also distributed with local programming and advertisement in Moldova as ProTV Chişinău.

The channel is the leading commercial TV station in terms of audience and revenues. It covers around 93% of the urban population through its broad TV network (25 local stations)Fact|date=August 2007.

Pro TV broadcasts as a free terrestrial station, targeting 18 to 49 year olds of the urban population. From January through October 2006 Pro TV's all day market share on its main target (18-49 years old, urban population) was 20.6% and 22.5% in prime time)Fact|date=August 2007.

On the first of December 2005, for its 10 year celebration, Pro TV started to transmit the 19:00 news in HD, thus becoming the first terrestrial TV station in Romania to transmit in HD.

Pro TV won The International Emmy Award News on September 21, 2008 for the special campaign called "Do you know what your child is doing?" ("Tu stii ce mai face copilul tau?), about the parents who left Romania to work in Spain or Italy for better sallaries leaving their children in care of their grandparents or ,unfourtunatly in some cases, of themselves.

PRO TV's schedule

* News – 5 main programs daily
* Sports: UEFA Champions League, European Handball Championship, boxing and K1 events
* Entertainment: locally produced sitcoms and series, locally produced entertainment shows (mostly strips over the weekdays).
* Movies: important programming resource - of the 100 Top Movies in Romania in 2005, 70 were on PRO TV
* Series: Without A Trace, Nip/Tuck, CSI Miami, CSI New York, The OC, Two and a Half Men, Ghost Whisperer, Prison Break & Supernatural.

The breakdown between local and foreign content in Prime Time is 30% (local) to 70% (foreign)Fact|date=August 2007.

Pro TV also copies famous show concepts from foreign networks and adapts them to Romanian reality. They usually gain a base of viewers in certain segments. One can mention: Vacanţa Mare – Comedy Show; "La bloc" – sitcom, "Meseriaşii" – sitcom, "La servici" - sitcom; "Om sărac, om bogat" – sitcom, "Dansez pentru tine".

Pro TV News programs

Pro TV News are the market leaders in all their slotsFact|date=August 2007. It has 5 shows each day. More than 100 journalists operate in Bucharest and the other 25 local stations.Fact|date=August 2007The anchor of the main news program, Andreea Esca and the program itself were declared several times, by many Romanian journalists organizations, to be the best News anchor and the best news program in the country.Fact|date=August 2007

Om sărac, om bogat

"Om sărac, om bogat" is a sitcom on the tv-market. The topic tackled by "Om sărac, om bogat" is the clash between the rich and the poor world.

"Dansez pentru tine"

Dansez pentru tine (en: I Dance For You) is hosted by Ştefan Bănică, Jr. and Iulia Vîntur. This show is the romanian version of Dancing with the Stars.


External links

* [ Pro TV Official Site]
* [ Pro TV Chisinau]

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