California Republican Party

California Republican Party

party_name = California Republican Party
party_articletitle = Republican Party (United States)
website = []
headquarters = 1903 Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91506
chairman = Ron Nehring
assemblyleader = Michael Villines
senateleader = Dave Cogdill
foundation = 1854
ideology = Center-right
Fiscal Conservatism
national = Republican Party
colors = Red (unofficial)
footnotes =
The California Republican Party is the California affiliate of the national Republican Party. Its chairman is Ron Nehring and is based in Burbank, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.

Although a minority party in its state, the party does boast Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as its top elected official.

California Republican Party Chairmen

=Californian Republicans in US Congress=

In May 2001, David Dreier was unanimously selected by his California colleagues to Chair the California Republican Congressional Delegation. As Chairman, he leads the Congress' largest Republican delegation on matters of importance to the California.

Both of California's two senators, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, are Democrats.

Out of the 53 members of the House of Representatives from California, 19 are Republican:

*Wally Herger, District 2
*Dan Lungren, District 3
*John Doolittle, District 4
*George Radanovich, District 19
*Devin Nunes, District 21
*Kevin McCarthy, District 22
*Elton Gallegly, District 24
*Howard McKeon, District 25
*David Dreier, District 26
*Ed Royce, District 40
*Jerry Lewis, District 41
*Gary Miller, District 42
*Ken Calvert, District 44
*Mary Bono, District 45
*Dana Rohrabacher, District 46
*John Campbell, District 48
*Darrell Issa, District 49
*Brian Bilbray, District 50
*Duncan Hunter, District 52

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