Cigarette machine

Cigarette machine
A cigarette vending machine in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
A cigarette machine from the late 1980s or early 1990s, seen in 2008.

A cigarette machine is a vending machine that takes cash in payment for packets of cigarettes. Vending machines often dispense packs containing 16 or 18 cigarettes, although the dimensions of the packaging are the same as the equivalent pack containing 20.


Bans and restrictions

In order to aid the restriction of sale of tobacco to minors, cigarette machines are regulated in many countries.


Since July 2008, in Japan machine companies could be prosecuted if tobacco is sold to anyone under 20 years old. To avoid such legal prosecution, Japan has introduced a government registered electronic smart card, called Taspo, that allows the user to purchase from the machines. To get a Taspo card, the purchaser must present their passport or ID to any government authorized business offering the service. The Fujitaka company is developing a technology that allows the vending machine to determine, using a digital camera and based on the facial wrinkles and sags of the potential buyer, whether the buyer is old enough to purchase cigarettes. The system compares facial characteristics including bone structure, sags, and crow's feet against a record of more than 100,000 people. However if the user fails they can still use the machine with a Taspo card.[1]

Bans and restrictions in Europe

Country/Territory Situation regarding cigarette vending machines
 Austria No specific legislation banning vending machines. But sales to under 16s are prohibited
 Belgium Sales prohibited to under 16s. Machines need to be locked/unlocked by a responsible adult
 Cyprus Banned
 Czech Republic Machines restricted to over 18s and situtated in bars and similar places only
 Denmark Sales prohibited to under 18s. Machines generally situated in restaurants, bars and hotel lobbies. Age verification monitored by staff
 England Ban came into force on 1 October 2011[2]
 Estonia Banned
 Finland Due to be banned on 1st January 2015
 France Banned
 Georgia Banned
 Germany Machines contain an electronic device for controlling the age of buyers (no sales to under 18s)
 Greece Banned
 Guernsey A ban was approved on 1 July 2010, following an amendment to the existing tobacco advertising law. The exact date of implementation has yet to be decided
 Hungary Banned in 2006
 Iceland Banned
 Ireland Restricted to licensed premises only since 1st July 2009. Vending machines are operated by a token or card obtained from the bar once the buyer has been identified as being over 18
 Italy Sales to under 16s prohibited
 Luxembourg Age has to be proven at the counter or bar before a token is issued so that the machine can be used
 Malta Sales prohibited to under 18s
 Netherlands Token issued at counter once the purchasers age has been verified
 Northern Ireland Ban due to come into force on 1st February 2012[3]
 Norway Token operated, sales banned to under 18s
 Poland Banned
 Portugal Sales prohibited to under 18s
 Romania Banned
 Slovakia Banned
 Slovenia Banned
 Spain No sales to under 18s
 Scotland The Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Act 2010 introduced the ban on cigarette sales from vending machines. The date of implementation is expected to be April 2015.[3]
 Sweden No sales to under 18s
 Switzerland Machines are banned in 17 out of 26 cantons. Sales are restricted in other cantons to either under 16s or under 18s
 Ukraine Banned
 Wales Ban due to come into force on 1st February 2012

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