Umlaut (diacritic)

Umlaut (diacritic)

Note: when replacing umlaut characters with plain ASCII, use "ae, oe," etc. for German language, and the simple character replacements for all other languages.


TeX also allows double dots to be placed over letters in math mode, using "ddot{}", or outside of math mode, with the " control sequence:: mathrm{ddot{a}ddot{b}ddot{c}ddot{d}ddot{e}ddot{A}ddot{B}ddot{C}ddot{D}ddot{E

However this will give the trema-style dots that are too far above the letter's body for good typographical umlauts. TeX's "German" package should be used if possible: it adds the " control sequence (without backslash) which gives umlauts.

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