Lieutenant-General (United Kingdom)

Lieutenant-General (United Kingdom)

:"Please see "Lieutenant General" for other countries which use this rank"

Lieutenant-General (Lt Gen) is a senior rank in the British Army and the Royal Marines.

A lieutenant-general is superior to a major-general but subordinate to a full general. The rank has a NATO rank code of OF-8, equivalent to a vice-admiral in the Royal Navy or an air marshal in the Royal Air Force (RAF) or the air forces of many Commonwealth countries.

From 1 April 1918 to 31 July 1919, the Royal Air Force maintained the rank of lieutenant-general. It was superseded by the rank of air marshal on the following day. Interesting, although Sir David Henderson was an RAF lieutenant-general, the then Chief of the Air Staff, Sir Hugh Trenchard never held this rank.

The rank insignia is a crown over a crossed sword and baton.

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