Border languages (New Guinea)

Border languages (New Guinea)

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region=New Guinea
family=a primary family of Papuan languages
child4=? "Morwap"
The Border (Tami) languages are an independent family of Papuan languages in the classification of Malcolm Ross, that had been part of Stephen Würm's Trans-New Guinea proposal.


; Border
* "Morwap" (Elseng) isolate
* Waris family: Waris, Manem, Senggi, Punda-Umeda, Waina, Daonda, Auwe (Simog), Amanab
* Taikat family: Awyi, Taikat
* Bewani family: Ainbai, Umeda, Kilmeri, Ningera, Pagi

Laycock classified Morwap as an isolate, but noted pronominal similarities with Border. Ross included Morwap in Border, but noted that they do not appear to share any lexical similarities. However, the Morwap data is quite poor.


The pronouns Ross reconstructs for proto-Border are,


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