Fetteresso Castle

Fetteresso Castle

Fetteresso Castle is a 14th century towerhouse, rebuilt in 1761 as a Scottish gothic style Palladian manor, with clear evidence of prehistoric use of the site. It is situated immediately west of the town of Stonehaven in Kincardineshire slightly to the west of the A90 dual carriageway. Other notable historic fortified houses or castles in this region are Dunnottar Castle, Muchalls Castle, Fiddes Castle, Cowie Castle and Monboddo House.


From cropmarks in the policies of Fetteresso Castle, there is evidence of a ring-ditch sited at the north end of a cursus. A cursus is a prehistoric set of parallel linear structures that were used for some type of athletic competition, possibly related to hunting or archery. In 1822 a cairn was discovered near Fetteresso Castle with some human remains inside. The burial site was clearly a bronze age construct by the size and shape of the chamber made of unhewn whinstone. Some legends tell that this is the grave of Malcolm I, who is recorded to have been slain at Fetteresso in 954 AD. The burial hillock has become known as Malcolm's Mount, even though it is not likely from current archaeological analysis that the crypt could be so recent. In 1998 a burial urn from the beaker people was found at Fetteresso Castle. The Roman Camp of Raedykes is located several miles northwest, where a full legion encamped and many archeological recoveries have been made. This location is one of a string of marching camps that connected Angus to Morayshire.

Middle Ages

The property is recorded to have been owned by the Strachans, but passed by marriage in the 14th century to the Clan Keith Earls of Marischal, who built the towerhouse. The Earls of Mariscal also held the nearby fortress, Dunnottar Castle.

eventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

In this era the characteristic Scottish designs of crow-stepped gables were introduced, and the battlement crenellation elements were introduced. A dovecote of considerable height was constructed in the seventeenth century to the south of the castle itself. In the year 1659 a woman named Jean Hunter lived at Fetteresso. From her behaviours she was accused of witchcraft and hanged at her home. An artist and wright named Alexander Charles worked at Fetteresso as an overseer. Charles flourished in the period 1671-1678 and published his drawings in at least one book. Late in the 17th century the Duff family controlled Fetteresso and expanded the building around the old towerhouse.

Twentieth Century

In the 1940s the castle was owned by Maurice and Geraldine Simpson (nee Pringle). Mrs. Simpson was the heir to the Pringle Knitware fortune. Subsequently the Simpsons acquired and lived in nearby Muchalls Castle. After the Simpson's tenure at Fetteresso, the roof was off the castle for some period starting around 1954, and the structure deteriorated badly. In the latter part of the 20th century the castle was restored with great interior modification to yield seven houses, which is its present use. As of 2006 Mrs. Simpson still resides in the local area.

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