A heptathlon is a track and field athletics combined events contest made up of seven events. The name derives from the Greek hepta (seven) and athlon (contest). A competitor in a heptathlon is referred to as a heptathlete.


Women's Heptathlon

There are two versions of the heptathlon. The first is an outdoor competition for women, and is the combined event for women contested in the Athletics program of the Olympics and in the IAAF World Championships in Athletics. The IAAF World Combined Events Challenge determines a yearly women's heptathlon champion. The women's outdoor heptathlon consists of the following events, with the first four contested on the first day, and the remaining three on day two:

The heptathlon has been contested by female athletes since the early 1980s, when it replaced the pentathlon as the primary women's combined event contest (the javelin throw and 800 m were added). It was first contested at the Olympic level in the 1984 Summer Olympics. In recent years some women's decathlon competitions have been conducted, consisting of the same events as the men's competition in a slightly different order, and the IAAF has begun keeping records for it. But the heptathlon remains the championship-level combined event for women. Tatyana Chernova is the current World Champion, having defeated Jessica Ennis of Great Britain, who placed second in the 2011 world championships.

There is also a Tetradecathlon, which is a double heptathlon, consisting of 14 events, seven events per day.

Point system

Event a b c
200 meters 4.99087 42.5 1.81
800 meters 0.11193 254 1.88
100 metres hurdles 9.23076 26.7 1.835
High Jump 1.84523 75.0 1.348
Long Jump 0.188807 210 1.41
Shot Put 56.0211 1.50 1.05
Javelin Throw 15.9803 3.80 1.04

The scoring system was developed by Dr. Karl Ulbrich. The events are split into three parts, where the scores are counted according to the three formulae:

Running events (200m, 800m and 100m hurdles):
P = a \cdot (b - T)^c
Jumping events (high jump and long jump):
P = a \cdot (M - b)^c
Throwing events (shot put and javelin):
P = a \cdot (D - b)^c

P is for points, T is for time in seconds, M is for height/length in centimeters and D is length in meters. a, b and c have different values for the each of the events. (see table)


The following table shows the minimum benchmark levels required to earn 1000 points in each event of the heptathlon:

Event Required for 1000pts Units
100m Hurdles 13.85 Seconds
High Jump 1.82 Meters
Shot Put 17.07 Meters
200m 23.80 Seconds
Long Jump 6.48 Meters
Javelin Throw 57.18 Meters
800m 127.63 Seconds

Top ten performers

Carolina Kluft in the Osaka World Athletics Championships 2007 women's heptathlon
  • Accurate as of August 2011
7291  Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) Seoul 1988-09-24
7032  Carolina Klüft (SWE) Osaka 2007-08-26
7007  Larisa Turchinskaya (URS) Bryansk 1989-06-11
6985  Sabine Braun (GER) Götzis 1992-05-31
6946  Sabine John (GDR) Potsdam 1984-05-06
6942  Ghada Shouaa (SYR) Götzis 1996-05-26
6935  Ramona Neubert (GDR) Moscow 1983-06-19
6889  Eunice Barber (FRA) Arles 2005-06-05
6880  Tatyana Chernova (RUS) Daegu 2011-08-30
6859  Natalya Shubenkova (URS) Kiev 1984-06-21

World records (WR) compared to Heptathlon Bests (HB)

Nataliya Dobrynska in the Osaka World Athletics Championships 2007 women's heptathlon
Event WR–World record/
HB–Heptathlon best
Athlete Record Score Difference in points scored Notes
100m Hurdles
WR Yordanka Donkova 12.21 s 1246
HB Eunice Barber 12.62 s 1182 −64
High Jump
WR Stefka Kostadinova 2.09 m 1359
HB Tia Hellebaut 1.97 m 1198 −161
Shot Put
WR Natalya Lisovskaya 22.63 m 1378
HB Nataliya Dobrynska 17.29 m 1015 −363
WR Florence Griffith Joyner 21.34 s 1251
HB Jackie Joyner Kersee 22.30 s 1150 −101
Long Jump
WR Galina Chistyakova 7.52 m 1351
HB Jackie Joyner Kersee 7.27 m 1264 −87
Javelin[note 1]
WR Barbora Spotakova 72.28 m 1295
HB Margaret Simpson 56.36 m 984 −311 current 1999 model
HB Tessa Sanderson 64.64 m 1145 −150 old model
WR Jarmila Kratochvilova 1.53.28 1224
HB Nadine Debois 2.01.84 1087 −137
Total World record 9104
Heptathlon Bests 7879

Men's heptathlon

The other version is an indoor competition, normally contested only by men. It is the men's combined event in the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Athletics. The men's indoor heptathlon consists of the following events, with the first four contested on the first day, and remaining three on day two:

The scoring is similar for both versions. In each event, the athlete scores points for his/her performance in each event according to scoring tables issued by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).[1] The athlete accumulating the highest number of points wins the competition.

Best year performance

Jessica Ennis in the Osaka World Athletics Championships 2007 women's heptathlon

Women's seasons best (outdoor)

1980 6049  Zoya Spasovkhodskaya (URS) Pyatigorsk
1981 6788  Ramona Neubert (GDR) Kiev
1982 6845  Ramona Neubert (GDR) Halle
1983 6935  Ramona Neubert (GDR) Moscow
1984 6946  Sabine John (GDR) Potsdam
1985 6718  Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) Baton Rouge
1986 7158  Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) Houston
1987 7128  Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) Rome
1988 7291  Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) Seoul
1989 7007  Larisa Nikitina (URS) Bryansk
1990 6783  Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) Seattle
1991 6878  Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) New York City
1992 7044  Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) Barcelona
1993 6837  Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) Stuttgart
1994 6741  Heike Drechsler (GER) Talence
1995 6715  Ghada Shouaa (SYR) Götzis
1996 6942  Ghada Shouaa (SYR) Götzis
1997 6787  Sabine Braun (GER) Ratingen
1998 6559  Denise Lewis (GBR) Budapest
1999 6861  Eunice Barber (FRA) Seville
2000 6842  Eunice Barber (FRA) Götzis
2001 6736  Eunice Barber (FRA) Götzis
2002 6542  Carolina Klüft (SWE) Munich
2003 7001  Carolina Klüft (SWE) Saint-Denis
2004 6952  Carolina Klüft (SWE) Athens
2005 6889  Eunice Barber (FRA) Arles
2006 6740  Carolina Klüft (SWE) Gothenburg
2007 7032  Carolina Klüft (SWE) Osaka
2008 6733  Nataliya Dobrynska (UKR) Beijing
2009 6731  Jessica Ennis (GBR) Berlin
2010 6823  Jessica Ennis (GBR) Barcelona
2011 6880  Tatyana Chernova (RUS) Daegu

National records

Lyudmila Blonska in the Osaka World Athletics Championships 2007 women's heptathlon
Heptathlon podium at the European Athletics Indoor Championships 2009 in Turin
  • As of August 2010
7291  USA Jackie Joyner-Kersee 1988-09-24 Seoul
7032  SWE Carolina Klüft 2007-08-26 Osaka
7007  RUS Larisa Nikitina 1989-06-11 Bryansk
6985  GER Sabine Braun 1992-05-31 Götzis
6942  SYR Ghada Shouaa 1996-05-26 Götzis
6889  FRA Eunice Barber 2005-06-05 Arles
6832  UKR Lyudmyla Blonska 2007-08-26 Osaka
6831  GBR Denise Lewis 2000-07-30 Talence
6750  CHN Ma Miaolan 1993-09-12 Beijing
6695  AUS Jane Flemming 1990-01-28 Auckland
6658  BUL Svetla Dimitrova 1992-05-31 Götzis
6635  BLR Svetlana Buraga 1993-08-18 Stuttgart
6619  ROM Liliana Nastase 1992-08-02 Barcelona
6616  POL Małgorzata Nowak 1985-08-31 Kobe
6604  LTU Remigija Nazaroviene 1989-06-11 Bryansk
6573  HUN Rita Inancsi 1994-05-29 Götzis
6527  JAM Diane Guthrie-Gresham 1995-06-03 Knoxville
6490  CAN Jessica Zelinka 2008-08-16 Beijing
6423  GHA Margaret Simpson 2005-05-29 Götzis
6423  NED Karin Ruckstuhl 2006-08-08 Gothenburg
6416  SLE Eunice Barber 1996-09-15 Talence
6404  FIN Satu Ruotsalainen 1991-08-27 Tokyo
6396  LAT Aiga Grabuste 2009-07-19 Kaunas
6392  ALG Yasmina Azzizi 1991-08-27 Tokyo
6371  URS Vera Yurchenko 1987-09-20 Lvov
6352  CUB Magalys García 1996-06-23 Havana
6278  NZL Joanne Henry 1992-03-01 Auckland
6268  CZE Zuzana Lajbnerová
Eliška Klučinová
6265  SUI Corinne Schneider 1985-06-16 Zug
6235  GRE Aryiro Strataki 2006-05-28 Götzis
6230  POR Naide Gomes 2005-07-17 Logroño
6226  NOR Ida Marcusen 2007-08-26 Osaka
6215  EST Larissa Netšeporuk 2003-07-06 Tallinn
6211  IND Javur J. Shobha 2004-03-17 New Delhi
6201  BEL Tia Hellebaut 2006-06-03 Götzis
6185  ITA Gertrud Bacher 1999-05-09 Desenzano del Garda
6076  BRA Lucimara da Silva 2008-08-16 Beijing
6031  ISR Svetlana Gnezdilov 2003-08-13 Tel Aviv
5962  JPN Yuki Nakata 2004-06-05 Tottori
5860  ESP María Peinado 2002-07-14 Castellón

See also

Other multiple event contests


  1. ^ Women's javelin was redesigned in 1999 and all records started fresh. Point allocation for Heptathlon remained the same, but the comparison is being made between the WR and Heptathlon best of the current model.


  1. ^ http://www.iaaf.org/mm/Document/Competitions/TechnicalArea/ScoringTables_CE_744.pdf

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