Place names of Hong Kong

Place names of Hong Kong

The generic forms of place names of Hong Kong are mainly, but not limited to Cantonese, Hakka and British English.

Majority of generic forms are suffix such as Chung in Kwai Chung. Some indicators of ordering and direction could be as prefix, like Tai Pai (大白, lit. first white), Yi Pai (二白, second white). Some more ancient name from Yuet peoples might be of prefix.Fact|date=August 2007

Change in name

It is common that Cantonese place names change Chinese characters of similar pronunciation because of misinterpretation by mandarins or visitors from foreign villages and cities, illiteracy of local villages, seeking of good fortune and replace of disgusting meanings.

List of generic names


* Am (岩) - rock
* Au (坳 or 凹) - mountain pass
* Chai (仔) - minor
* Chai (寨) - defensed village
* Chau (洲) - island
* Che (輋)
* Chung (涌) - stream
* Ha (下) - lower
* Hau (口) - opening
* Heung (鄉) - villages
* Ho (河) - river
* Hoi (海) - sea
* Hui (墟) - market, town
* Hom (磡) - pillar
* Kai (街) - street
* Kan (澗) - stream
* Kap (甲)
* Kau (滘) - basin
* Kiu (橋) - bridge
* Ko Tan (高灘) - elevated plain
* Kok (角) - point
* Kuk (谷) - valley
* Lam (林) - wood or forest
* Ling (嶺) - ridge
* Lo Wai (老圍) - old walled village
* Mei (尾) - tail of a place
* Mun (門) - channel
* O (澳) - bay, harbour
* Pai (排) - rocks
* Pik (壁) - cliff
* Ping (坪) - plain
* Po (埗) - pier
* Po (埔) - plain (?)
* Pun (盤) - basin
* San Tsuen (新村) - new village
* Sha (沙) - beach
* Shan (山) - hill
* Shek (石) - rock
* Sheung (上) - upper
* Shing (城) - walled city
* Shui (水) - stream
* Tam (潭) - pool
* Tan (灘) - beach or shallow band
* Tau (頭) - head of a place
* Tei (地) - place
* Tin (田) - field
* To (島) - island
* To (肚) - valley
* Tong (塘) - pond, plain
* Tong (堂) - hall
* Tun (墩) - small hill
* Tung (洞) - cave (and ?)
* Tung (峒)
* Tsim (尖) - sharp peak
* Tsui (嘴) - headland
* Tsuen (村) - village
* Tuk (篤) - the very end of a place
* Wai (圍) - walled vallage
* Wan (灣) - bay
* Wan (環) - district
* Wo (窩) - basin
* Yiu (窰) - klin


(Commonly Chinese translation in blanket)
*Bay (灣)
*Cove (海)
*Harbour (港)
*Haven (港)
*Hill (山)
*Praya (海)
*Peak (山)
*Mount (山)



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