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Wang Lang

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Wang Lang (? - 228) was a politician during the end of the Han Dynasty and during the Three Kingdoms era of China. Through his granddaughter's marriage to Sima Zhao, he would become great grandfather to Sima Yan, who would later become Emperor Wu of the Jin Dynasty.


Originally from the Donghai region (東海郡) of China, he began his career in service of Tao Qian in Xuzhou Province. During his service there, Tao Qian wrote a letter to the Han Emperor which was praised very highly, and because of this he was made the governor (太守) of Guiji (會稽). However, when Sun Ce attacked Guiji, Wang Lang assisted the bandit leader Yan Baihu and was soundly defeated, being forced to surrendered his city. Soon afterwards he entered into a self-imposed retirement from public life, but eventually he was called into the service of Cao Cao. He served the Kingdom of Wei in very high positions during the reign of Cao Pi until his death.

In the historical novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", it is written that Wang Lang died at the advanced age of 76, in the year 228. Despite his age, he led a group of soldiers and set up camp to do battle with Zhuge Liang. According to the story, Cao Zhen was defeated by Zhuge Liang. Cao Zhen called for his officers to help, and Wang Lang decided to persuade him to surrender (even though Guo Huai was skeptical about it) and engaged Zhuge Liang in a battle of words, but was soundly defeated, with Zhuge Liang scolding him a dog and a traitor and other nasty words and from the shock of this, he soon died. There is no record of this in history, and instead, it is said that he merely sent a letter to Zhuge Liang recommending that he surrender. The letter, it is said, was ignored.


*Wang Su (王肅) (son)
*Princess Wang Yuanji (王元姫) (granddaughter, mother of Sima Yan)

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