Hybrid (Venom Spawn)

Hybrid (Venom Spawn)


real_name=Scott Washington
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Venom: Along Came A Spider" #1 (January 1996)
creators= Evan Skolnick and Patrick Zircher
alliances= New Warriors, Guardsmen, NYPD
powers= Superhuman strength, speed, agility and endurance,
Ability to adhere to solid surfaces,
Ability to produce webbing,
Symbiote can form bladed weapons|

Hybrid (Scott Washington) is a fictional anti-hero of the Marvel Universe. He first appeared in a back-up story in the "Venom: Along Came A Spider" miniseries.

Fictional character biography

Scott Washington was one of the Guardsmen involved in guarding and transporting Justice, who had been arrested and sentenced to The Vault for killing his father.

Hybrid is the amalgamation of four of the Life Foundation Symbiotes (Riot, Phage, Lasher, and Agony) - whose hosts were killed by Scream - into a single symbiote entity. The fused symbiote then sought out Scott Washington, an African-American man who was a Guardsman at the Vault (the prison for supervillains) lab facility. While guarding the symbiotes, he realized that they were not evil, not a threat, and the experiments were causing them terrible pain, so he let them go. When his superiors discovered that Scott had released the aliens he was supposed to guard he was fired. He returned to the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, the gang-torn neighborhood in which he grew up. Following a basketball court scuffle with members of the Eazy X gang, his brother, Derek Washington, was shot and killed while Scott was shot and crippled, losing the use of his legs.

When the Hybrid symbiotes located and bonded with him, he regained the ability to walk, and more.

Scott has a lot of anger, so often the symbiotes hold him back from acts of violence, not the other way around. Since his symbiote was originally four different entities, Scott has to contend with four different voices / personalities in his head besides his own.

As Hybrid, Scott got revenge on the Eazy Xs, the gang that had crippled him. He began to get a lot of press attention, and while most of the publicity was positive, it drew the attention of the The Jury. He was captured by these self-appointed guardians of justice, who would have executed him just for being a symbiote, but he was rescued by the New Warriors. Scott was a former co-worker of Curtis Elkins (Sentry) and other members of the The Jury. Justice offered him membership in the group, but Scott declined, citing more important work to do in his home neighborhood. Scott is considered as a "potential recruit" for the program. ["Civil War: Battle Damage Report"]

In a recent Initiative issue it was said that one of the symbiotes left Scott and bonded with an unnamed college student. Its whereabouts and identity are unknown as of yet.

Powers and abilities

Like Spider-Man and Venom, Hybrid has wall-crawling and web-slinging abilities, he can form his symbiote into pseudopodia or tendrils creating snares and bladed weapons. The symbiote also has camouflage abilities and can blend in with its surroundings. It can also mimic clothing. Hybrid has a border-line warning sense and can "see" through his symbiote. He also possesses some degree of superhuman strength. He can also detach a piece of his symbiote to send messages to his friends and allies, and he can shape his symbiote to form a membrane that allows him to glide through the air.


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