Gargoyle's Quest II

Gargoyle's Quest II

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title = Gargoyle's Quest II

developer = Capcom
publisher = Capcom
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designer = Tokuro Fujiwara (producer)
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released = JPN July 17, 1992
NA October, 1992
genre = Platformer, Action
modes = Single player
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platforms = NES/Famicom, Game Boy
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nihongo|"Gargoyle's Quest II"|レッドアリーマーII|Red Arremer II is an NES video game released by Capcom in October 1992. Despite being the second game in the series, it is actually the prequel to "Gargoyle's Quest" (Makai Mura Gaiden: Red Arremer in Japan) for the Game Boy, and features a similar gameplay style, which combined RPG elements with side scrolling action. The game was ported to the Game Boy in 1993 under the name "Makai Mura Gaiden: The Demon Darkness".


Firebrand is a young warrior in training in his hometown of Etruria. One day, while Firebrand is training in a small, alternate dimension, the Black light suddenly appears and destroys his home. When he returns successfully from his training, he is told to hurry to the King by another ghoul just before it dies. Upon defeating Nagus, Firebrand is able to meet with King Morock, who informs Firebrand he is on the brink of death. Before dying, he gives Firebrand the Spectre's Fingernail and Firebrand sets off on a journey to unravel the mystery of the Black light.


Firebrand - the game's protagonist; a young gargoyle from Etruria in the Ghoul Realm. He was training to be a warrior when his town was decimated by the Black Light.

Red Blaze - a legendary gargoyle who will save the Ghoul Realm from the Black Light. Firebrand fulfills this legend, and after he defeats King Breager, he unleashes his power and fire sweeps over the Ghoul Realm, sealing away King Breager and the Black Light.


:*King Morock - King of Firebrand's hometown of Etruria. He dies near the beginning of the game after giving Firebrand the Spectre's Fingernail. Possibly named after Moloch.

:*King Barr - King of Gibea. When Firebrand arrives in this town, he finds King Barr's magic has been sealed by the Black Light. In order to help him, Firebrand must obtain the Gremlin Stick. After saving King Barr, he tells Firebrand to hurry to the palace of the King of the Ghoul Realm.

:*Samuel - A wise man who lives in the town of Sidon. He informs Firebrand the Gremlin Stick is needed to release King Barr's magic. Also advises Firebrand to go see the witch, Hecate, before setting out to find the Gremlin Stick.

:*Hecate - A witch who tells Firebrand the Black Light is the King of Destruction's Army. She also tells him the Gremlin Stick is the only item capable of dispelling the King of Destruction's magic. After Firebrand obtains this information, she will give him the Wings of a Fallen Angel, which are needed to cross Gaza Valley. Firebrand must obtain the Night Drop in the forest of Hinom so Hecate can make the Candle of Darkness in order to speak with her.

:*King of the Ghoul Realm - Captured by the King of Destruction and placed in an old palace near Mt. Imaus. An impersonator sits on the throne and tries to convince Firebrand to go back to Etruria. Firebrand refuses and the imposter reveals himself. After Firebrand has rescued the true king, he tells Firebrand to go visit the wise man, Lethe, who lives in the Labyrinth. After Firebrand saves the Ghoul Realm, the King reveals the human world is in the making and gives Firebrand the opportunity to be its king.

:*Lethe - A wise man who has been alive since the creation of the Ghoul Realm. Tells Firebrand the legend of the Ghoul Realm. This legend states that when the Black Light has covered the Ghoul Realm, the only hope will be a red gargoyle that will transform into the Red Blaze and seal the Black Light. Lethe also tells Firebrand a ghoul named Goza is behind the Black Light. Lastly, Lethe gives Firebrand Lethe's candle, which will transform into the Candle of the Ghoul Realm when King Rushifell and Queen Verona infuse it with their power.

:*Rushifell - The King of Loosekeep. Infuses Lethe's Candle with his power and gives Firebrand the Magic Claw. His name is a clever, yet obvious, variation of Lucifer.

:*Verona - The Queen of Loosekeep. Infuses Lethe's Candle with her power and gives Firebrand the Hippogriff's Feather.

:*Demogorgon - A voice Firebrand hears after he defeats Goza; aside from the textbox, Demogorgon fittingly does not make an onscreen appearance. Gives Firebrand the Mammon's Hoof, the Bereal's Wings, Atlas's Armor, and the Magic Darkfire.


:*Nagus - The first boss who Firebrand fights in Etruria. A naga that spits fireballs.

:*Death Balloon - Guards the Night Drop in the forest of Hinom. Spits bubbles and can control the wind.

:*Sand Frog - Guards the Gremlin Stick in the Sittem Desert. Summons mini-demons which hamper Firebrand's movement if he makes contact with them. For its main attack, it simply launches its body into Firebrand.

:*Fake King - Exposes itself when Firebrand refuses its request to return to Etruria. Its only attack is to fly into Firebrand.

:*Twin Guardian - Two flying demons that guard the palace near Mt. Imaus, where the real King of the Ghoul Realm has been imprisoned. Their first attack is to swoop into Firebrand, and the second is to spit crescent-shaped objects.

:*Mantis - Guards the entrance to the Labyrinth. A long-range attacker that throws its claws at Firebrand.

:*Dagon - An optional boss who can be found in the desert west of Topete. Its scales are required to make the Essence of Soulstream.

:*Doppelgänger - A fast-moving ghoul that can take on the shape of its opponent. If Firebrand attacks it while it is mirroring his image, Firebrand will take damage. Must be defeated in order to gain audience with Lethe.

:*Goza - A ghoul who resurrects King Breager in order to destroy the Ghoul Realm. Will shoot a beam which functions like Firebrand's blockbuster, as well as large fireballs.

:*King Breager - The King of Destruction and the game's final boss. Attacks with two slow-moving fireballs, which can be nullified by Firebrand's Darkfire attack, as well as three smaller, fast-moving attacks originating from his body and spreading upward and outward.


The gameplay is almost identical to the previous Gargoyle's Quest game. Traversing the Ghoul Realm is done via an overhead map view while action areas, such as dungeons and bridges, are sidescrolling. A few minor differences between this game and the original Gargoyle's Quest are the lack of random encounters and the addition of the Magic Tornado. Firebrand also moves much faster on the overhead map than he did in the first game. Though the game was released in 1992, it still utilized a lengthy password system.

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