List of topics in logic

List of topics in logic

This is a list of topics in logic.See also: List of mathematical logic topics

Alphabetical list


Abacus logic -- Abduction (logic) -- Abductive validation -- Affine logic -- Affirming the antecedent --Affirming the consequent -- Antecedent -- Antinomy --
Argument form -- Aristotelian logic -- Axiom -- Axiomatic system -- Axiomatization


Backward chaining -- Barcan formula -- Biconditional elimination -- Biconditional introduction -- Bivalence and related laws -- Boolean algebra (logic) -- Boolean algebra (structure)


Categorical logic -- Clocked logic --Cointerpretability --College logic -- Combinatorial logic -- Combinatory logic -- Computability logic -- Conditional -- Conditional proof -- Conjunction elimination --Conjunction introduction -- Conjunctive normal form -- Consequent -- Constructive dilemma -- Contradiction -- Contrapositive -- Control logic -- Converse (logic) -- Converse Barcan formula -- Cotolerance -- Counterfactual conditional -- Curry's paradox


De Morgan's laws -- Deduction theorem -- Deductive reasoning -- Degree of truth -- Denying the antecedent -- Deviant logic -- Disjunction elimination -- Disjunction introduction -- Disjunctive normal form -- Disjunctive syllogism -- Double negative -- Double negative elimination


Elimination rule -- End term -- Exclusive nor -- Exclusive or -- Existential fallacy -- Existential quantification


Fallacy of distribution -- Fallacy of the four terms -- First-order predicate - First-order predicate calculus - First-order resolution -- Fluidic logic -- Forward chaining -- Free variables and bound variables -- Fuzzy logic


Game semantics


Heyting algebra -- Higher-order predicate -- Horn clause -- Hypothetical syllogism


Iff -- Illicit major -- Illicit minor -- Implicant -- Inductive logic -- Inductive logic programming -- Inference procedure -- Inference rule -- Infinitary logic -- Informal logic -- Intensional statement --Interpretability -- Interpretability logic -- Introduction rule --Intuitionistic linear logic -- Intuitionistic logic -- Invalid proof -- Inverse (logic)


Johnston diagram


Karnaugh map


Law of excluded middle -- Law of non-contradiction -- Laws of logic -- Laws of Form -- Linear logic -- Logic -- Logic gate -- Logical argument -- Logical assertion -- Logical biconditional -- Logical conditional --Logical conjunction -- Logical disjunction -- Logical equivalence -- Logical fallacy -- Logical language -- Logical nand -- Logical nor -- Logical operator -- Logicism -- Logic programming --language


Major premise -- Major term -- Mathematical logic -- Mereology -- Metalogic -- Middle term -- Minor premise -- Modal logic -- Modus ponens -- Modus tollens -- Multi-valued logic


Naive set theory -- Natural deduction -- Necessary and sufficient -- Negation -- Non-Aristotelian logic -- Nonfirstorderizability -- Non-monotonic logic -- Non sequitur (logic)


Open sentence -- Ordered logic


Paraconsistent logics -- Paradox -- Pierce's law -- Plural quantification --Polish notation -- Polysyllogism --Predicate -- Principia Mathematica -- Principle of bivalence -- Proof theory -- Proposition -- Propositional calculus -- Provability logic


Quantification -- Quantum logic -- Quod erat demonstrandum


Reductio ad absurdum -- Relevant logic -- Rule of inference

Satisfiability -- Scholastic logic -- Second-order predicate -- Self-reference -- Sequent -- Sequent calculus -- Sequential logic -- Singular term -- Soundness -- Square of opposition -- Strict conditional -- Strict implication -- Strict logic -- Structural rule -- Sufficient condition -- Syllogism -- Syllogistic fallacy


Tautology -- Temporal logic -- Term -- Term logic -- Ternary logic -- Theorem -- Tolerance -- Trilemma --Truth -- Truth condition -- Truth function -- Truth value -- Type theory


Unification -- Universal quantification -- Uniqueness quantification


Vacuous truth -- Validity -- Venn diagram

Famous logicians

"See also": list of logicians

*George Boole
*Abraham Robinson
*Gerhard Gentzen
*Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer
*Haskell Curry
*Gottlob Frege
*Alonzo Church
*Jacques Herbrand
*Dana Scott
*John Barkley Rosser
*Gerhard Gentzen
*Jean-Yves Girard
*David Hilbert
*Kurt Gödel
*William Lawvere
*William Stanley Jevons
*Stephen Cole Kleene
*Alfred Tarski
*Thoralf Skolem
*Saharon Shelah
*Jan Łukasiewicz
*Giuseppe Peano
*Charles Peirce
*W.V. Quine
*Frank P. Ramsey
*Bertrand Russell
*Alfred North Whitehead

ee also

*List of rules of inference.
*There is a list of paradoxes on the paradox page.
*There is a list of fallacies on the logical fallacy page.
*Modern mathematical logic is at the list of mathematical logic topics page.
*For introductory set theory and other supporting material see the list of basic discrete mathematics topics.

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