Astral can refer to:
*Astral Buoyancy, a manufacturer of PFDS based in Asheville, NC
*Astral, a dream pop band
*Astral Media, a Canadian media corporation
*Astral Telecom, a Romanian company
*Astral projection and the astral plane, a controversial interpretation of out-of-body experiences
*Astral Propagation Model a US Navy underwater sound progation loss model
*Astral Projection, a Goa trance music group
*Astral microtubules, a sub population of microtubules
*Astral character, a Unicode concept
*A ghost or spirit
*Astral, a set featured in the game.
*Astral (1923 automobile), a British car of the 1920s
*Astral Oil, a product of the Astral Oil Works, which was Charles Pratt and Company's kerosene refinery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York, in the 19th century. See also Charles Pratt.

The word astronomy is a combination of the Greek for astral (astron) and the Greek suffix nomos, that is, the naming or order of the stars. The word astrology is a combination of the Greek for astral astron and the Greek suffix logos, that is, talking about the stars. Astral is also an adjective relating to stars or the realms one is said to perceive after death or during an out-of-body experience.

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