Bob and Lisa Hughes

Bob and Lisa Hughes

Robert "Bob" Hughes and Lisa Miller Hughes were a supercouple on the American CBS soap opera "As The World Turns" in the 1960s. Bob is played by Don Hastings and Lisa is played by Eileen Fulton.

Though they have been divorced for over 40 years, Bob and Lisa are considered to be one of, if not, soap opera's first supercouple.

They met in 1960 while Bob was attending med school, and quickly eloped. Their parents first opposed the union (as they were both under 21), but accepted it when they discovered that Lisa was pregnant, and the couple moved in with Bob's parents. Immature and spoiled, Lisa quickly grew tired of the long hours Bob had to work as an intern, and attempted to use her pregnnancy to get out of helping her mother-in-law Nancy with household chores. Eventually, after their son Tom was born, she had an affair with wealthy Bruce Elliott, which led to her and Bob's eventual divorce. However, despite the ensuing custody battles and each of their many subsequent marriages -- Lisa married an additional seven times; Bob married five additional times -- Lisa later regretted leaving Bob, and attempted, with the help of Nancy (who told Bob's girlfriend at the time that she would always regard Lisa as her daughter-in-law), to win Bob back, but he had moved clearly on. Eventually Lisa accepted that she and Bob would never get back together. For a time, she was also engaged to Bob's brother, Donald Hughes. However, Bob and Lisa have managed to remain close friends throughout the years; Lisa also regards Bob's current wife Kim Sullivan Hughes as one of her best friends.

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