Southern Federal District

Southern Federal District

Southern Federal District (Russian: Ю́жный федера́льный о́круг; tr.: "Yuzhny federalny okrug") is one of the seven federal districts of Russia. It is located in the extreme southwest, between Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Its northern portions are part of the Pontic-Caspian steppe, while the southern parts include the Forecaucasus and the Northern Caucasus. Its population was 22,907,141 in the 2002 census, living on an area of 589,200 km² (38.9/km²). The largest cities of the district are Rostov-on-Don and Volgograd with just above one million inhabitants each.

The current Envoy is Vladimir Ustinov, former Justice Minister of Russia.

Historically, the region was part of Scythia, comprising Scythia Sindica and the Maeotian marshes. Major rivers are the Don, the lower Volga, and the Kuban. It was also inhabited by the Khazars, and the city of Astrakhan was likely named for a Khazar general, Ras Tarkhan.

Subdivisions, with republics marked with an asterisk, and with their respective capitals or administrative centers:

#Republic of Adygea* : Maykop
#Astrakhan Oblast : Astrakhan
#Chechen Republic*: Grozny
#Republic of Dagestan* : Makhachkala
#Republic of Ingushetia* : Magas
#Kabardino-Balkar Republic* : Nalchik
#Republic of Kalmykia* : Elista
#Karachay-Cherkess Republic* : Cherkessk
#Krasnodar Krai : Krasnodar
#Republic of North Ossetia-Alania* : Vladikavkaz
#Stavropol Krai : Stavropol
#Rostov Oblast : Rostov on Don
#Volgograd Oblast : Volgograd

Presidential plenipotentiary envoys

*Viktor Kazantsev (May 182000, – March 92004)
*Vladimir Yakovlev (March 9September 132004)
*Dmitry Kozak (September 132004 - September 242007)
*Grigory Rapota (September 242007 - May 12 2008)
*Vladimir Ustinov (May 12 2008 - )

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* [ Official site: Federal Cadaster Center of Russia -- Administrative maps of Russia (legends in Russian)]
* [ Southern Federal District]
* [ News and events of Russian South]

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