British Chess Championship

British Chess Championship

The British Chess Championship is organised by the English Chess Federation. There are separate championships for men and women. Since 1923 there have been sections for juniors, and since 1982 there has been an over-sixty championship. The championship venue usually changes every year and has been held in different locations in England, Scotland, Wales and once on the Isle of Man. However, although the current series of the Championship has run since 1904, it has never been held in Northern Ireland. [ [ British Chess Championship Venues at] ]

The championship was originally open to citizens of any Commonwealth country and has previously been won by Mir Sultan Khan (India) and Abe Yanofsky (Canada). However in 2002 when the Indian R. B. Ramesh finished first and several other Indians took top prizes it led to many top Brits not competing in the 2003 championship and accompanied criticism that the British Championship was not serving the interests of British players. This, combined with the victory of Indian Abhijit Kunte in 2003, led to an announcement from the organisers that from 2004 only British and Irish players would be eligible to take part.

BCA Congress

These were the first large tournaments organised by the British chess association, international players were allowed to participate. []


British Championship

The current championship series was begun by the British Chess Federation in 1904.The championship was not held in war years.It was also not held in 1919, 1922, 1927, and 1930 as major international events were then being held in England.In 1939 the championship was also not held as the British team was in Buenos Aires for the Olympiad.The women's championship was held in most of those years.


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