East-West Highway (Malaysia)

East-West Highway (Malaysia)

Malaysia road routebox
code= JKR|4
road= 4
length-km= Total length
-- km
Phase 1
Phase 2
-- km
direction= West - East
start= Kulim, Kedah
destinations= Kupang
Temenggor Lake
Tanah Merah
Kota Bharu
Pasir Puteh
end= Jeli, Kelantan
construction-date= 1967
completion-date= 1980
junctions= MES-E|15 Butterworth-Kulim Expressway
JKR|76 Federal Route 76
JKR|66 Federal Route 66

East-West Highway, Federal route JKR|4 (Malay: "Lebuhraya Timur-Barat") is a highway constructed by Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) to shorten the journey from Kota Bharu, Kelantan to northwestern towns and cities of Malaysia such as Alor Star and Penang. Before East-West Highway was built, the journey from Alor Star to Kota Bharu may reach over 1,000 km (-- miles), but the highway shortens the distance by about several hundred kilometers. The highway includes Lake Temenggor Bridge which crosses Temenggor Lake, a hydroelectric dam. The East-West Highway is one of the more scenic routes in Peninsular Malaysia, due to its hilly nature. There are even places where road signs are put up to warn motorists of elephants crossing the road.


The East-West Highway was built in the 1967 as a defence-related highway. During construction, the highway was sabotaged by the Communist Party of Malaya terrorists during the Communist insurgency from 1967 to 1980. Many of workers were killed and the buildozers was seriously damaged. The East-West Highway was put under strict security control by Malaysian army when the highway was opened. Motorists were allowed to use the highway at daytime only due to security reasons. The military control of the highway was lifted after the insurgency war was ended in 1989.

The Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) monument was erected in Pulau Banding near the Lake Temenggor Bridge on 1982 to commemorates those who died during construction of the East-West Highway and lake bridge.

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