The FGM-172 SRAW (Short-Range Assault Weapon), also known as the Predator SRAW, is a lightweight, close range missile system produced by Lockheed Martin, developed by Lockheed Martin and Israel Military Industries [cite web|url=http://www.lockheedmartin.com/news/press_releases/2003/LockheedMartinDevelopFollowOnShould.html|title=LOCKHEED MARTIN TO DEVELOP FOLLOW-ON TO SHOULDER-LAUNCHED MULTI-PURPOSE ASSAULT WEAPON FOR U.S. MARINE CORPS] . It is designed to complement the Javelin anti-tank missile. The Predator has a longer range and is more powerful than the AT4 that it is designed to replace, but has a shorter range than Javelin. The missile system received the "FGM-172" designation from the Department of Defense in 2006. Prior to that it was known as the "SRAW MK 40 MOD 0".


The Predator is a fire-and-forget weapon utilizing a pre-launch system that measures target speed and direction and is used in conjunction with known missile flight performance to predict where the target will be when the missile is in a position to intercept. The missile also uses an inertial guidance unit that sends the weapon over the predicted intercept point, compensating for crosswind and launcher motion (the launcher may be mounted on or fired from a vehicle). For direct attacks the missile acts as an unguided, flattened trajectory, line-of-sight weapon.


The missile is produced in two variants, each with a separate weapons payload.

The FGM-172A features a downward-firing top-attack warhead activated by a dual sensor fuse, and is intended for use as an anti-armor weapon.

The FGM-172B features a multi-purpose blast-fragmentation warhead, and is intended for use as an urban assault weapon.


The Predator is a useful complement for Javelin since it has a significantly shorter minimum range, especially in direct attack mode where it can be fired window to window across a typical street. It is also much lighter than Javelin which makes carrying one or additional rounds easier where the situation warrants or allows a lighter and shorter range solution. Additionally, because it utilizes a different guidance mechanism it is more difficult to defeat both threats with a single defense.


* United States Marine Corps

Predator MPV

As of 2005, all FGM-172A missiles supplied to the USMC have been retrofitted with the FGM-172B multi-purpose blast warhead to replace the top-attack anti-armor warhead. [cite news | author = Jennifer Allen | title = Lockheed Martin, Responding to U.S. Marine Corps Needs, Converts Anti-Tank Missile for Urban Assault | publisher = Lockheed Martin | format = press release | date = 2005-05-26 | url = http://www.missilesandfirecontrol.com/our_news/pressreleases/05pressrelease/052605_SRAW-MP.shtml] All new production of the missile will be in the FGM-172B configuration. This is to better meet the needs of the USMC in short-range urban combat.

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* [http://www.missilesandfirecontrol.com/our_products/antiarmor/PREDATOR/product-PREDATOR.shtml Predator - Lockheed Martin]
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