Yurye of Silla

Yurye of Silla

Infobox Korean name
hangul=유례 이사금
rr=Yurye Isageum
mr=Yurye Isagŭm

Yurye of Silla (284-298, d. 298), also known as Yuri or by his official title Yurye Isageum, was the fourteenth ruler of the Korean state of Silla. He was a Seok and the son of King Jobun, but his mother was a Park and a descendant of Bak Hyeokgeose.

The "Samguk Sagi" relates that Yurye's mother conceived from starlight. It also records repoeated invasions from Wa during his reign, and relatively cordial relations with Baekje.


* Kim Bu-sik. "Samguk Sagi", Part 2.

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