Lists of stars

Lists of stars


The following are lists of stars:

By location::* List of stars by constellation

By name::* List of star names:* List of traditional star names – according to western culture, including::* List of Arabic star names:* List of Chinese star names

By proximity::* List of nearest stars:* List of nearest bright stars:* List of brightest stars

By physical characteristic::* List of most luminous stars:* List of most massive stars:* List of largest stars :* List of least massive stars

By variability or other factor::* List of notable variable stars:* List of semiregular variable stars:* List of stars with confirmed extrasolar planets:* List of stars with unconfirmed extrasolar planets:* List of brown dwarfs

Other star listings::* :* Solar twins (Solar analogs):* Stars named after people:* Navigational stars:* Terrestrial Planet Finder:* Traditional Chinese star names:* Stars and planetary systems in fiction

Other stars

The following is a list of particularly notable stars that have their own articles in Wikipedia, but are not included in the lists above.

* BPM 37093 — a diamond star
* Cygnus X-1 — X-ray source
* HE0107-5240 — one of the oldest stars found
* HR 465 — chemically-peculiar variable star
* Nemesis — hypothetical star
* OGLE-TR-122b — is one of the smallest stars ever discovered.
* P Cygni — suddenly brightened in the 17th century
* WNC4 — Messier Object 40
* Zeta Boötis — speckle binary test system

ee also

* Astronomical naming conventions
* Star
* Star catalogue


* " [ The Bright Star Catalog] ", Astronomical Data Center, NSSDC/ADC, 1991.
* [ Astronomiches Rechen-Institut Heidelberg] — ARICNS Database for Nearby Stars
* [ nStars database] , NASA. — database of nearby stars.
* [ SIMBAD Astronomical Database]

External links

* [ Sol Station] — information on nearby and bright stars.

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