Northamptonshire Football Combination

Northamptonshire Football Combination

The Northamptonshire Football Combination is a football competition based in England. It has a total of eight divisions (five first-team divisions and three reserve divisions), the most senior of which is the Premier Division, which sits at step 7 (or level 11) of the National League System.


Recent divisional champions

Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three Division Four
2000-01 Cold Ashby Rovers Stanwick Rovers Northamptonshire Police Stanion United N/A
2001-02 Cold Ashby Rovers Rushden Rangers Weavers Old Boys Kettering Park Rovers N/A
2002-03 Milton Caledonian Strip Mills Finedon Volta Wellingborough Darndale N/A
2003-04 Moulton Corby Hellenic Ringstead Rangers Corby Grampians Rushden Arbuckle
2004-05 Caledonian Strip Mills Priors Marston Corby Grampians Wilby Yardley United
2005-06 Corby Hellenic Fisher Corby Grampian Welford Victoria Corby Kingfisher Athletic Cold Ashby Rovers
2006-07 Harpole Whitefield Norpol Corby Kingfisher Athletic Punjab United Wellingborough Raffertys
2007-08 Harpole Weldon United Cold Ashby Rovers Corby Danesholme Vikings Corby Strip Mills
2008-09 Harpole Queen Eleanor Great Houghton Finedon Volta Wellingborough Old Grammarians Kettering Ise Lodge
2009-10 Harborough Town Welford Victoria Corby Danesholme Vikings Corby Everards Long Buckby Ravens
2010-11 Brixworth All Saints Ringstead Rangers Wellingborough Ranelagh Corby Locomotives Dainite Sports

Current structure

Sitting at Step 7 of the National League system, the Northamptonshire Combination has a promotion and relegation agreement with the United Counties League. Promotion is dependent solely upon a team making an application to the UCL and meeting the requirements to do so. Rushden Rangers are the latest team to do so, following their merger with Higham Town at the end of the 2006-07 season. Other teams to have made the journey upwards include Burton Park Wanderers, Harborough Town and Woodford United, now of the Southern League. Clubs in the Northamptonshire area wishing to resign from the United Counties League will be placed in this competition. The league also accommodates Reserve sides from higher level teams in the Reserve Divisions. Bugbrooke St Michaels are the best known example, with an 'A' and 'B' side involved in the competition, in addition to their first and reserve teams.

2011–12 members

Premier Division
  • Brixworth All Saints
  • Corby Khalsa
  • Corby Pegasus
  • Gretton
  • Harpole
  • Heyford Athletic
  • Kislingbury
  • Medbourne
  • Milton
  • Moulton
  • Ringstead Rangers
  • Roade
  • Weldon United
  • Welford Victoria
Division One
  • Burton United
  • Corby Everards
  • Corby Morton Vikings
  • Earls Barton United
  • Finedon Volta
  • James King Blisworth
  • Kettering Nomads
  • Spratton
  • Stanion United
  • Stanwick Rovers
  • Wootton St. George
Division Two
  • Clipston
  • Cold Ashby Rovers
  • Corby Locomotives
  • Corby Strip Mills
  • Great Doddington
  • Kettering Ise Lodge
  • Kettering Orchard Park
  • Weedon
  • Wellingborough Old Grammarians
  • Wellingborough Rising Sun
  • Wollaston Victoria
Division Three
  • Corby Eagles
  • Corby Redstar
  • CSV United
  • Dainite Sports
  • Daventry Comms
  • Hillmorton
  • Islip United
  • Northampton Exiles
  • Ristee Towers
  • West Haddon
  • Wilbarston
  • Wilby
Division Four
  • Corby Hellenic Fisher
  • Corby Kingswood
  • Corby United
  • Daventry Drayton Grange
  • Ferrers
  • FC Higham
  • Higham Town
  • Kettering Panthers
  • Kettering Park Rovers
  • Kettering Weekley Eagles
  • Walgrave Amber

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