Central Italian

Central Italian

name=Italiano centrale
region=Lazio and east
speakers=approx. 5 million
iso1=it|iso2=ita|lc1=ita|ld1=Italian|ll1=Italian language|notice=nonotice

Italiano centrale is a group of Italo-Western Romance dialects spoken in Lazio, Umbria, central Marche, the far south of Tuscany and a small part of Abruzzo, in central Italy. The differences between these dialects are slight, they are closly related to Tuscan and all are mutually intelligible with each other as well as with standard Italian. They are the Italian dialects not affected by substrata.

The following dialects are part of Central Italian:
* Marchigiano (central part of Marche)
* Umbrian dialects (Umbria)
* Cicolano-Reatino-Aquilano (L'Aquila and Province of Rieti)
* Tuscia dialect (Tuscia, northern part of Latium)
* Romanesco (Rome)
** Giudeo-Romanesco
* Castelli Romani dialect (Castelli Romani)
* Ciociaro (Ciociaria, southern part of Latium)


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* [http://www.italica.rai.it/principali/lingua/bruni/mappe/mappe/f_dialetti.htm Pellegrini's map]

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