Jobun of Silla

Jobun of Silla

Infobox Korean name
hangul=조분 이사금
rr=Jobun Isageum
mr=Chobun Isagŭm

Jobun of Silla (r. 230-247, d. 247), also known by his title Jobun Isageum, was the eleventh king of the Korean state of Silla. He was the grandson of Beolhyu Isageum, and a member of the Seok clan. His father was Goljeong. Jobun married Lady Ongmo, a daughter of Kim Gudo; her brother would become Michu Isageum.

The "Samguk Sagi" also reports that the small country of Gammun-guk (near present-day Gimcheon) was conquered by Jobun's general Uro in 231, and that clashes with Goguryeo and Wa took place during Jobun's reign.

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