Vilu Daskar

Vilu Daskar

Vilu Daskar is an anthropomorphic stoat in the book "The Legend of Luke" from the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

Daskar is the captain of the largest corsair vessel ever to sail the seas, the red ship "Goreleech". Despite being a corsair, he is quite refined, and his wardrobe of royal finery is quite the opposite of ragged pirate garb. He spent years traveling the seas, plundering and capturing slaves to work his ship's oars. Because of his thorough eradication and intimidation of those who stood against him, he never had any enemies.

None, that is, until he made the mistake of attacking the tribe of Luke the Warrior. Vilu's horde sailed in while Luke and his warrior comrades were away, killing many of the tribe, including Luke's wife Sayna. Upon his return, Luke swore vengeance on the stoat. Capturing a pirate vessel, the Warrior and his allies sailed after Daskar. Unfortunately, the cunning captain learned of their pursuit, and laid an ambush for them. The trap worked, and their ship was destroyed and most of the crew killed. Luke and two others were taken captive. Two others survived and tried to rescue them.

Daskar's fate was sealed when he believed a ruse engineered by Luke about the location of a non-existent treasure. The "Goreleech" sailed towards the tall rocks near the shore where Luke's tribe had lived, the supposed location of the treasure. Upon arriving at the destination, Luke steered the ship towards the rocks, and grabbed Daskar, throttling him. Daskar's crew, trying to rescue their captain, were set upon by Luke's remaining comrades and the freed slaves, led by the berserker Ranguvar Foeseeker. The ship crashed against the rocks, one half becoming wedged between them, the other-with Daskar, Luke, and Ranguvar aboard-sinking to the bottom of the sea.

Daskar's weapon of choice was a bone-handled scimitar, with a matching knife.

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