Reflection or reflexion may refer to:


* in computer graphics, the techniques for simulating optical Reflection.
* Reflection, a programming language feature for metaprogramming
* "Reflection", a piece of installation art by Shane Cooper also called "Parasight"


*"Reflection", a song by progressive rock band Tool from their 2001 album Lateralus
*"Reflection", a song by Lea Salonga
*Reflection, a band
*Reflexion, a Finnish band
*Reflection, an album by Pentangle
*"Reflection", an online card game developed by Free Fall Associates
*"", an episode of "Power Rangers: SPD"


*Reflection, a transformation of a space
*Reflection Principle, a theorem of set theory
*Reflection Formula, which relates function values for arguments on opposite sides of a point
*Reflection, a linear transformation that squares to the identity
*Point Reflection, a reflection across a point


*Introspection, contemplation on one-self (opposite of extrospection)
*Human self-reflection, the process of thoughtful meditation or rumination


*Reflection is the bouncing back of light on falling on a surface in the same medium.
*Reflection, a wave phenomenon commonly observed in mirrors
*Reflection, reflected voltage in an electrical signal due to an impedance change
*Reflection Group, a group generated by reflections

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