List of Negima characters (1-15)

List of Negima characters (1-15)

This is a listing of the students in Mahora Academy Girls' Junior High Class 3-A (formerly 2-A), as taught by Negi Springfield in 2003 in the manga and associated anime series.

NOTE: The following Character descriptions are drawn primarily from the original manga. Any notable differences in the anime series will be noted. Also, the student numbers are based on the ordering of surnames according to the gojūon.

ayo Aisaka

Student Number 1: nihongo|Sayo Aisaka|相坂 さよ|Aisaka Sayo. The 1st student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, is the helpless and meek ghost of a former student, occasionally accompanied by a pair of "hitodama". More often frightened than frightening, she is invisible to virtually everyone, and her presence goes mostly unnoticed though Takahata had her included in Negi's class registry, with a note not to change her seat. Eventually, she does get noticed by her teacher Negi Springfield and most of her classmates and becomes a friend and ally in his quest, particularly with seatmate Kazumi.

(Seiyū: Yuri Shiratori, English VA: Kate Bristol, Live action actress: Mai Nishida)

Yuna Akashi

Student Number 2: nihongo|Yuna Akashi|明石 裕奈|Akashi Yūna Birthday: 1 June 1988. She is an athletic girl who plays basketball and is often seen together with Makie, Ako, and Akira (i.e. the sports clubs group). Her name is sometimes spelt as 'Yuuna', though this is assumed to be incorrect. Her father is Professor Akashi, one of the Mage-teachers at the Academy. She is very close to him, to the point of feeling jealousy about other women. Despite this fact, she knows nothing about magic herself (although a flashback shows Yuna holding a wand while with her mother, it may have been just a toy). Yuna is the most mischievous one amongst the sports girls. During the Final Day Event of the Mahora Festival, Yuna showed a surprising amount of skill with a pair of magic guns. Though she is unaware of the truth of the "game" she is playing, she became one of the top "scorers" in the game, and helped hold the last remaining magic point: the World Tree Plaza, standing up to one of the unsealed giant demons until Negi arrived to take it down, motivating several of the other players as well. She took fourth place in the "Mages vs. Mars" game and won 300 free meals (leading to the other girls trying to force her to share the prize). She gave herself the nickname "The Kid" and also becomes popular with the martial artists in the academy due to her fighting abilities in the battle. Apparently, her guns seemed to have had a stronger punch than most of the other players'. This could be due to her magical ancestry.

She took part in the game to collect the badges from Negi's group in order to go with him to Wales by targeting Nodoka and Yue, who she thought were the weakest in the group, using the same magical guns from the Mahora Festival as well as a very bad disguise (she wore a mask that left her side ponytail completely exposed, thus allowing for easy identification). She traveled to England with Ayaka's group. When Negi and the White Wing secretly headed toward the gateway to the Magic World, Yuna and several other girls tailed them, and Yuna pulled the other Sports Club girls with her into the stone circle just as it activates, sending the four girls to the Magic Country along with their teacher. The girls were quickly detained by security teams, but just as Negi arrived to deal with the situation, a group of hostile mages attacks the portal platform, destroying it after a battle with their classmates. The destruction of the platform caused a warping effect that scattered all the girls (along with Negi) around the Magic World, hundreds of miles away from each other. Yuna and Makie wound up together in an unidentified town, finding work as delivery girls for a tavern, where they witnessed 'Nagi Springfield' (Negi in disguise), take part in a fighting tournament on a videoscreen. Unlike Ako, Akira and Natsumi, Yuna and Makie are not slaves, and are in fact well treated by the customers. They currently work to earn enough money to rendezvous with Negi at the tournament finals. It is unknown currently if she is practicing magic like Makie.

*A note written by Akamatsu reads "huge chest" by her picture in Volume 16's character notes. This is followed up after the festival, where Yuna is shown worrying about her breasts growing larger and the sports girls questioning her after she fills out a new swimsuit rather easily.
*Yuna's surname, Akashi, comes from the Japanese city of the same name in Hyōgo Prefecture which means 'bright stone'.
*In the manga, she is depicted to have black hair. In both anime series, her hair is depicted to have a shade of brown: in the first series, her hair is somewhat close to sandy taupe; in "Negima!?", her hair is colored brown.
* An early drawing of Yuuna (who is referred to as "Yuuko Akashi") depicted her as a preschool assistant. This character trait was eventually traded for the "father-complex" character trait from a character that would eventually become Chizuru.
*"Negima!:" Her "pactio" items are basketballs and a pair of shoes allowing her to jump very high. During the 2-A pillow fight, she remains alongside Makie for the whole tourney (since they were not doing this against the will of Niita like in the manga, Yuna has no means of getting captured midfight).
*"Negima!?:" Due to more recent manga events, Yuna becomes a military buff—particularly on World War II German weaponry—as opposed to a mere basketball player. Often, she is shown playing with model military toys, including a toy tank and a battlefield model. Once, she is drawn to one of Mana's guns (mistaken by the cheerleaders as infatuation to Mana herself); but Mana denied her access to it. Asuna also claims that she is a member of the Chupacabra club, but Yuna states she only goes there when she's bored (one of those times being during an "omake").(Seiyū: Madoka Kimura, English VA: Amber Cotton, Live action actress: Mayo Yamamoto)

Kazumi Asakura

Student Number 3: nihongo|Kazumi Asakura|朝倉 和美|Asakura Kazumi. Birthday: 10 January 1989. She is the resident class reporter with a camera always on hand. She likes to get the inside scoop on everything that goes on, and is part of the Mahora Paparazzi. She was one of the first girls in the class to learn Negi's secret, which she discovered accidentally in Kyoto while investigating the rumor that someone had proclaimed her love to Negi. Though initially she intended to reveal Negi's secret to the world, she was persuaded to keep quiet about it, and is occasionally seen plotting with Chamo. She had been promised a Probationary Contract in exchange for keeping the secret, which was later fulfilled (though not by Chamo). She frequently elects herself as Negi's manager when it comes to scheduling time with him, (even though Chamo is actually the one pulling the strings). Both she and Chamo were the instigators of the "Kiss Negi" game during the Kyoto field trip. Asakura sports the fourth largest breasts in the class. Asakura was one of the students that, during the Wilhelm incident, was kidnapped by Wilhelm, only to escape and turn the tables on him. For Asakura, she played a huge role in rescuing Asuna and removing from her an artifact that, combined with Asuna's own magic-canceling abilities, prevents any of Negi's magic attacks from hitting Wilhelm. She signed on with Chao's plan, acting as the lead announcer and referee at the Mahora Fighting Tournament, where she often deliberately pointed out the more fantastic feats performed by her teacher and classmates, drawing the attention of the audience towards them. However, she later reveals she had completed her contract with Chao and helped Negi to stop Chao's plan to reveal magic. She became the announcer for the "Mars Attacks vs. Mage Order" game. Kazumi has become close friends with Sayo and is one of the few people who can see her constantly, having sat next to her for so long. She is also an associate member of Negi's White Wing club and joined them on their trip to England. She has purchased a special "Sayo doll" so that the ghost girl can accompany her and the group off campus to Wales.

Kazumi, along with the rest of the White Wing, Natsumi and the sports girls, were caught in the explosion of displacement magic caused by Fate. The explosion scattered everybody across the magical world. Kazumi ended up in Site C disguised as a bard, and informed Negi and the others about the nature of the slave contract that Akira, Ako and Natsumi made. While at Site C, she made a Pactio with Negi using a local magic shop instead of Chamo's ritual. This pactio granted her an artifact, Oculus Corvinus (Raven's Eye), in the form of a miniature spy satellite, which she uses to track down the other students. She uses a Blue Age-Deceiving Pill in order to further avoid detection and leaves with Chachamaru to find the others. Currently, she has found Kū Fei. Recently she has been reunited with Negi and the rest of his missing partners.

In Negima Workshop, she is noted to be one of the two girls similar to Mitsune Konno of "Love Hina" (Kaede being the other).

*Her surname, "Asakura" (meaning "morning storehouse"), is also the name of a former village, a city, and a district in Japan, as well as that of a "daimyō" clan.
*In one of the group shot artwork from the first volume, she is depicted wearing glasses. However, she never appears wearing them in the actual manga.
*"Negima!:" Her artifact is a scope camera that allows her to record, capture, and focus in on anything. She is also responsible for Sayo's discovery and is the only one to see her before Evangeline casts her spell.
*"Negima!?:" Although one never to turn down a scoop, her main focus in this series is on her relationship with the ghostly Sayo, whom she sits next to and consistently checks on through her camera after Negi reveals her to the class.

(Seiyū: Ayana Sasagawa, English VA: Monica Rial, Live action actress: Miho Aihara)

Yue Ayase

Student Number 4: nihongo|Yue Ayase|綾瀬 夕映|Ayase Yūe. Birthday: 16 November 1988. The 4th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she is the hidden intelligence of the class, a member of the Library Exploration Club yet at the same time a part of the infamous Baka Rangers due to her hatred of studying and schoolwork. Although initially enthusiastic in helping fellow Library club member Nodoka Miyazaki gain Negi's heart, she soon develops feelings of her own and is constantly trying to grip with where she wants to stand between the two of them. However, her own interest in magic and the supernatural draws her into becoming a valuable ally, both in learning magic as well as becoming a partner in Negi's squad.

(Seiyū: Natsuko Kuwatani, English VA: Brina Palencia, Live action actress: Ami Ōse)

Ako Izumi

Student Number 5: nihongo|Ako Izumi|和泉 亜子|Izumi Ako. Birthday: 21 November 1988. She is a shy athletic girl. She does not consider herself anyone special and is one of the better-behaved members of the class. She has some talent with a bass guitar. Despite working as a nurse assistant, she has a fear of seeing blood. She has a large scar across her back, which she makes every effort to hide from others and is the source of her low self-confidence, as she believes that the mark makes her ugly and unwanted. The scar may also be connected to her fear of blood, as seen in Chapter 123. She particularly names Makie (her roommate), Yuna, and Akira as her friends, however she is also seen alongside the cheerleaders when playing with their band "Dekopin Rocket", particularly alongside Madoka. She is also the manager of the boy's middle school soccer club, and in charge of 3-A's sanitation department. Ako had a crush on an older boy before Negi was a teacher at Mahora, but she was turned down when she admitted her feelings to him.

Ako initially has no interest in the 10-year-old teacher Negi, leaving her completely off guard when he suddenly asks her to be a partner during his crisis against Evangeline A.K. McDowell. Though her panic prevents any further interaction, she does end up joining Eva's forces but is disabled rather quickly alongside Akira. However, by the point of the Mahora Festival, Ako develops a huge crush on the older, teenage version of Negi, initially encountered after he took Age Deceiving Candy to assist Asuna on another date. She believes that this older form is his cousin "Nagi" and not only gives herself interest but is cajoled by her "Dekopin Rocket" bandmates to pursue him. Some of the other girls also have shown attraction toward Negi's older form, though Ako is by far the most interested.

While mostly assisting at the class haunted house during the festival, Ako was supposed to take part in the Dekopin Rocket concert live on the second night. However, a combination of stress, "Nagi" and her own blood phobias make her break to the point of missing the concert altogether! By way of the Casseopeia watch, "Nagi" brought Ako back to earlier in the day and took her out on a date in order to help her relax before the Mahora Festival's live concert. She narrowly avoided getting shot by Mana, who was watching out for love confessions during the festival. Luckily, she ended up only asking for his e-mail address. During the final day, Ako was one of the first to be taken out by Chao Lingshen's special bullets.

With the end of the Mahora Festival, she assumes that Nagi had already left for England and pines away at his absence. She took part in the badge collection game under the assumption that if she goes to England, she will be able to see "Nagi" again. She failed at this, but traveled with Ayaka instead. She and the others meet up with Negi's group and enjoyed the hospitality of Nekane's home and toured Negi's hometown. As Negi and the White Wing secretly headed toward the gateway to the Magic World, Ako and several other girls tailed them. She and the other Sports Club girls entered the gateway, but were detained by the Magic Country security force. Like everyone else, she was scattered across the magical world when Fate destroyed the teleportation system. Ako developed a fever afterwards, and along with Akira and Natsumi, was forced to become an indentured servant/slave, in order to pay for a medication needed to help her. All three girls were badly mistreated until Negi, once again disguised as "Nagi" to avoid a bounty on his head, discovered their plight and came to rescue them. However, their indenture is a legally and possibly mystically binding contract. Although being saved by "Nagi" (though still bound to servitude), she doesn't recognize who he really is and is currently awaiting her fate as he and Kotaro fight in a battle to win money for her freedom. Later, when "Nagi" is severely injured, she sits concerned by his bedside. Later, she expresses her gratitude to him for helping her during the school festival and for entering the tournament for her. She soon admits to Negi (who had transformed back to his younger self) that she likes "Nagi", sending Negi into a panic and wondering how to break the truth to Ako.

*In the Del Rey translation of Volume 9, her surname, Izumi, was misspelled "Waizumi" during the ghost incident. Her surname comes from the city of the same name (as well as that of an ancient province) in Osaka Prefecture.
*Her given name, "Ako", means "second child".
*An early design of Ako (known as "Ayu Izumi") had her trademark scar right across the front of her body. She was also experimented with a long ponytail, more akin to fellow classmate Akira.
*In the manga, she is depicted with blue/lavender hair. Both anime series however depict her with gray hair.
*"Negima!:" Her pactio weapon is a huge injection needle complete with a nurse uniform.
*"Negima!?:" Although the first anime only revealed it pronouncedly with her pactio, Ako's nursing skills are further emphasized in this series: she is consistently healing other members of the class and even comes up with strange medicines and needles to help them out. During one incident, she tries to inject Negi with a giant syringe filled with an energy formula, but instead hits Chamo making him literally become super-powerful for a short time. The anime also acknowledges her membership in Dekopin Rocket with the cheerleaders, but she is only seen with them in one scene acknowledging the massive noise Asuna made in the dorm."Negima!?" episode 7]

(Seiyū: Kotomi Yamakawa, English VA: Avery Rice-Williams (Xebec version); Cherami Leigh (SHAFT version), Live action actress: Izumi Fujimoto)

Akira Okochi

Student Number 6: nihongo|Akira Okochi|大河内 アキラ|Ōkouchi Akira. Birthday: 26 May 1988. She is a tall, athletic, and very quiet girl in the swimming club. She is so good at swimming that the Mahora High School swimming club is already looking to recruit her. She is a friend of Makie, Ako, and Yuna, although she is not always comfortable with Yuna's stunts (For example, being forced to dress as a bunny-girl). She physically resembles Motoko Aoyama of "Love Hina". Akira also seems to possess uncanny strength, usually used nonchalantly in protection of someone she cares for such as Negi. After (in an alternate timeline) Chao completes her plot to reveal magic to the world, Akira is one of the very few girls in the class to stay calm when Negi reappears. Akira participates in the "Mars vs. Mages" battle, fighting alongside her friends using a staff. After the festival, she assists Negi in getting back his spellcasting ring (though she is unaware of its true nature and thought it was an engagement ring of Negi and Evangeline) after he loses it in the bathing area.

She accompanied Ayaka's group to England and followed Negi to the gateway to the Magic World. After everyone is scattered across the world, she, along with Ako and Natsumi, are forced to become indentured servants to pay off a medication needed to help Ako. However, all three girls were badly mistreated with slave collars around their necks. After Negi's attempt to save them (as "Nagi"), Akira reveals to him that she figured out about the magical world; she recognizes Kotaro in his disguised form but has some difficulty accepting "Nagi" as her 10-year-old teacher. She and Natsumi are reluctant to reveal their discoveries to the recovering Ako. When Kazumi reveals her Pactio to the group, Akira promises to herself that the picture should never be shown to Ako, despite the other not knowing that 'Nagi' is actually Negi. As Ako continues to fall deeper in love with 'Nagi,' Akira becomes even more torn to tell her the truth but cannot bring herself to do so for fear of hurting Ako's feelings.

*The two anime series depict her hair in two different shades of black, as opposed to simply black in the manga. In the first series, her hair more bluish; in "Negima!?", it is brownish.
*"Negima!:" Her pactio attack is "water thrust". She also has blue hair.
*"Negima!?:" The "omake" reveals that she keeps a pet arowana named Yamamoto that she was originally meant to teach to swim, but she has adopted as a family member, much to the chagrin of the other sports girls. In the "Suka incident", her form turned out to be a frog, similar in appearance to Motsu to the point that the duo competed against each other in an experiment conducted by Satomi.(Seiyū: Azumi Yamamoto English VA: Jenny Phagan, Live action actress: Yūki Takigawa)

Misa Kakizaki

Student Number 7: nihongo|Misa Kakizaki|柿崎 美砂 |Kakizaki Misa Birthday: 15 May 1988. She is the leader of the class's cheerleaders, Madoka and Sakurako, and a member of the chorus club. She loves shopping and hates carbonated drinks. She also has a fondness for "karaoke". Misa also has some "adult" tendencies, far more than any of the other girls in the class (see also chapter 120, where she thinks to "educate" Negi as her future "hot" boyfriend... in 5 years time as a "reverse Hikaru Genji" plan). She also likes to tease the Narutaki twins; she thinks that their reaction is "cute". She is the only girl in the class to have a steady boyfriend. Misa also enjoys dressing up Negi or other classmates in embarrassing outfits, including turning Negi into a kitsune female and several costumes for Ako to send to "Nagi Springfield". Recently, she has started considering the implications of falling for a ten-year old, leading to suspicions she could be a closet "shotacon" like Ayaka. After their failure at the badge collecting game, she and her cheerleader compatriots are among Ayaka's group. At present, she and the rest of Ayaka's party are in Wales, visiting Negi's hometown. She was one of the group following Negi to the gateway to the magical world, but was left behind when the gate was opened.

*Although Misa's hair color was officially purple from the beginning, she was made a brunette both in the "Introduction OVA" as well as on the cover of the student CD for the cheerleaders. Due to many of the outlandish hair color changes made for the first anime series, it took Akamatsu himself to admit that Misa was always with purple hair.
*"Negima!:": Her pactio is a team cheer attack with Madoka and Sakurako, energizing those who hear it. Because of the movement of Asuna's birthday, Misa is the fourth oldest student in 2-A in this rendition (not counting Sayo Aisaka and Evangeline A.K. McDowell), losing to Satsuki Yotsuba by 3 days, Nodoka Miyazaki by 5 days, and Misora Kasuga by 41 days.
*"Negima!?:" Misa and the other cheerleaders seem to become one character, either speaking at the same time or completing each other's sentences (although they do speak to each other to give their individual thoughts).

(Seiyū: Shizuka Itou, English VA: Gwendolyn Lau, Live action actress: Asumi Ōshima)

Asuna Kagurazaka

Student Number 8: Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia, listed as nihongo|Asuna Kagurazaka|神楽坂 明日菜|Kagurazaka Asuna on the seating chart. Birthday: 21 April 1988 (in the first anime, 23 October 1988, although it shows that her 14th birthday is on 23 October 2003, so some believe her birthday may be in the year 1989). The 8th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she is the first female character connected to her teacher Negi Springfield and the co-lead character in the series. Although initially appearing as a bullheaded, slightly daffy girl, her encounters with Negi slowly awakens dormant abilities within her as well as a mysterious past that suggests she is something much greater and much worse than a mere middle-school student.

(Seiyū: Akemi Kanda, English VA: Luci Christian, Live action actress: Sara Wakatsuki)

Misora Kasuga

Student Number 9: nihongo|Misora Kasuga|春日 美空|Kasuga Misora. Birthday: 4 April 1988. A hyperactive tomboy in the track and field club, who had rivaled Asuna in the class sprint runs. She always wears a crucifix and is sometimes seen wearing a nun's habit. Later in the manga, she is revealed as a mage-in-training (a member of the Mahora "mahō shōjo" team") as well as a "Ministra Magi". Her pactio artifact is a pair of sneakers that allow her to run and jump with superhuman ability (this is a tribute to Cyborg 009, shown by Misora shouting "Acceleration Mode!" when using the sneakers). She seems to be self-conscious about her abilities, and tries to hide it from friends and acquaintances, even when it is obvious. Of Class 3-A, only Asuna, Konoka, and Setsuna are aware of Misora's mage/ministra status; it is unclear if Negi knows of it.

Although initially staying out of things, she is recruited as one of the various guardians of the Mahora campus during the Mahora festival alongside her masters Shakti and Cocone. Misora reveals from early on that she is reluctant about becoming involved in protecting the campus from whatever could protrude in invading the area. However, she does eventually work alongside other investigators such as Takamichi and Asuna in discovering the plot by fellow classmate Chao Lingshen to use the festival to reveal magic to the world. After recording by drawing proof of Chao's forces (though some of it was rather crude), she stays out of any further business until the final "Mages vs. Mars" showdown, where she does enable Asuna and Setsuna to escape from a situation and helps them assist Negi to get past Chao's robot forces.

After the end of the festival, Misora begins to have suspicions about Negi and several of the classmates seen consistently around him. After Asuna, Yue, and Nodoka mistake her for a priest while she and Cocone were cleaning at the church, she inadvertently listens to their concerns and disguises her voice to pretend to be the priest. Later, after Nodoka's turn, Nodoka tells everyone in the class about it and most of the 3-A students (as well as Negi and Takane) confess their concerns. During this incident, she overhears, among other things, Negi concerns after Chao's departure, Asuna's attempt to hold back her feelings towards Negi, and the love triangle between Negi, Nodoka, and Yue. But after hearing Negi's confession, she and Cocone were caught and punished by Sister Shakti.

Together with Cocone, Mei and Takane, she traveled to the capitol of the Magical World independently of the White Wing. They are currently enjoying life at a hotel.

Not counting Sayo (ghost), Evangeline (vampire), possibly Mana (may be older than she claims) and Asuna (appears to have been around for a period long before enrolling at Mahora), Misora is the oldest student in 2/3-A.

*If looked at very carefully, in Chapter 156 on Page 11 in the second panel of the page, the broom that Misora is flying on, for that one panel becomes Negi's staff. This was corrected in Tankōbon number 17, which collected Chapters 150-159.
*Most depictions of Misora since the start of the series has made her a redhead. However, some colorings have shown her hair color as gray, similar to her "Negima!?" rendition. Since the hair has gone back and forth between red and gray even in the same publication, either can be taken as correct at this point."Negi-pa!" volume 8; pg. 3; volume 10 cover.]
*Her surname, "Kasuga" ("spring-day"), is the name of several locations in Japan. Her given name means "beautiful sky".
*"Negima!:" Her weapon is an Iron Cross allowing her to commune with God and use His powers. She also has chocolate brown hair.
*"Negima!?:" Misora is a yoga enthusiast in this series, where she is paired with the other sports girls as a replacement for Makie. Also, compared to her work at the Mahora church in the manga, Misora takes a more Eastern religious turn in this anime. Like the first series (and unlike the manga), she forms a pactio with Negi, yet her only releases were during both mass Pactios for the whole class. She also has gray hair and somewhat darker skin.(Seiyū: Ai Bandou, English VA: Wendy Powell, Live action actress: Shizuka Hasegawa)

Chachamaru Karakuri

Student Number 10: nihongo|Chachamaru Karakuri|絡繰 茶々丸|Karakuri Chachamaru Manufactured 3 January 2001, activated 1 April 2001. The 10th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she is in actuality a robot invented by class mechanical geniuses Satomi Hakase and Chao Lingshen as the partner for immortal vampiress Evangeline A.K. McDowell. Because of her connections, she is consistently found on the opposite ends of conflicts with teacher Negi Springfield, whether it is fighting alongside Eva or being programmed to assist Chao during her attempt to reveal magic to the world. But in actuality, Chachamaru is a machine who is trying to discover herself and her humanity, particularly with her own small crush on her teacher. Because she is a mix of science and magic she is powered both by a battery and her master's power which is channeled into her when her spring is turned.

(Seiyū: Akeno Watanabe English VA: Caitlin Glass, Live action actress: Mari Saigusa)

Madoka Kugimiya

Student Number 11: nihongo|Madoka Kugimiya|釘宮 円|Kugimiya Madoka Birthday: 3 March 1989. She is the serious one of the three cheerleaders in the class. She makes sure that the other cheerleaders (especially Sakurako) do not get into any trouble. She likes "gyūdon" and silver accessories and generally into Western music (currently is a fan of Avril Lavigne from notes), but hates playboys and is mildly obsessed with her husky voice. Her surname is usually the target of nickname making (which Madoka does not like) from her classmates.

During the school festival, she develops a small crush on the teenage form of Kotaro Inugami. She has been shown to be very protective of her friends, and especially for Ako, whom she encourages to be more confident. Although Madoka has no known connection or experience regarding magic, she is one of the few to accidentally see "multiple Negis" due to the effect of the time machine "Casseopeia" (during a period when he was helping Ako and she was trying to retrieve her for the concert).

She travelled to England with Ayaka and followed Negi to the gateway to the Magic World. However, she was left behind.

Her nicknames usually start with "Kugi-", which is similar in fashion with Kurogane from "" (whose nicknames by Fai starts with "Kuro-").
*"Negima!:" Her pactio is an energizing cheer power alongside Misa and Sakurako.
*"Negima!?:" Like the other cheerleaders, Madoka is consistently saying and doing the same actions as the others (although they do speak to each other to give their individual thoughts).
* She is the fifth youngest student in class 2-A.(Seiyū: Mami Deguchi, English VA: Lucy Small (Xebec version); Mary Morgan (SHAFT version), Live action actress: Madoka Ichikawa)

Kū Fei

Student Number 12: Kū Fei (古 菲; katakana: クー フェイ; romaji: "Kū Fei"; Pinyin: "Gǔ Fēi") Birthday: 16 March 1989. The 12th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she is the silly, fun-loving Chinese warrior girl of the class. Although appearing to be an idiot who seems to speak more with her fists than with her mind, Kū's abilities are top-notch making her one of the more dangerous students in the class. Becoming an early trusted ally of Negi Springfield (as well as a member of his "Baka Rangers"), she also teaches him the means of her arts in order to help him progress in his own training. She is also infamous with her appetite and her obsession with nikuman from fellow "Chinese" classmate Chao Lingshen.

(Seiyū: Hazuki Tanaka, English VA: Cynthia Cranz, Live action actress: Sari Okamoto)

Konoka Konoe

Student Number 13: nihongo|Konoka Konoe|近衛 木乃香|Konoe Konoka Birthday: 18 March 1989. The 13th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she is the cheerful, helpful and slightly ditzy roommate of Asuna Kagurazaka (and likewise her teacher Negi Springfield). From birth, Konoka was tied to several powerful magical organizations (her father was a member of Nagi Springfield's "Crimson Wings" for a period, her grandfather is the dean of Mahora Academy), yet she was sent away and kept in the dark about her heritage of magic. Only after a trip to her home in Kyoto does Konoka finally discover the power locked away and allies with Negi in order to release it to her fullest potential. She is also extremely notable for a close relationship with her classmate/guardian Setsuna Sakurazaki.

Not counting Chachamaru (robot), Konoka is the youngest student in 2/3-A, with Zazie Rainyday and Kū Fei coming in as a close 2nd and 3rd.

(Seiyū: Ai Nonaka, English VA: Monica Rial, Live action actress: Hiroko Matsunaga)

Haruna Saotome

Student Number 14: nihongo|Haruna Saotome|早乙女 ハルナ|Saotome Haruna Birthday: 18 August 1988. She is the local rumormonger, manga artist, and a frequent companion of Yue and Nodoka. If there is a rumor going around in the class, she is usually at the root of it all. She is also a talented artist. As a member of the Library Exploration Club, she seems to have made it her mission to get Nodoka together with Negi, whether Nodoka wants her help or not. She draws manga and goes by the nickname "Haru" (or "Paru", "Pal"). She occasionally uses illustrations to express ideas or feelings. She draws the "Mahō Shōjo" ("Magical Girl") manga series, which is very popular in Mahora. She eventually figured out Negi's secret at the tournament, as well as the fact that her friends Yue, Nodoka, and Konoka already knew about it. She interrogated them until they told her everything, and immediately almost blurted everything out to a few other library explorers who walked by, prompting Yue to exclaim once more exactly why no one wanted to let Haruna know about Negi's magic to begin with. Shortly after learning the truth about Negi's magic, she quickly noticed Yue's crush on Negi based on Yue's words and delayed reaction when questioned about it, with the end result being Nodoka finding out about the crush, and Yue thinking that she had betrayed Nodoka, although Nodoka managed to calm Yue down shortly after. She loves the idea of magic and tried to do a pactio with Negi by kissing him the next moment she saw him. Like Kazumi, Chamo has taken a liking toward Haruna. She helped Yue make a Pacto contract with Negi, and promptly took advantage of the opportunity to get a pactio for herself. Her artifact consists of a sketchbook, hat, apron, and a feather quill and has the ability to make anything she sketches come to life. The clothing from her artifact materializes over the clothes she is already wearing.

During the trip into the future, Haruna becomes more adept in using her artifact and has proven quite useful, both in combat and in diverting the enemy with her lifelike creations. When Chisame agreed to make a pactio with Negi, Haruna managed to push Ayaka and Makie out of the room and prevented them from learning about magic. Accompanying Negi to confront Chao, she stayed behind to help Kū Fei battle a trio of combat androids, including a prototype combat body for Chachamaru. She also helps for Negi's White Wing, by dragging the Library exploration club into it.

Though she was the sixth provisional contract Negi has made, the actual pactio card isn't seen until the 217th chapter (the card was relased as merchandise commemorating the publication of the 200th chapter). Haruna can make copies of herself in order to draw more images at the same time. She also develops a friendly rivalry with Ku Fei, trying to defeat the martial artist using her artifact.

Like the other members of White Wing she travels to England and the magical world with Negi, but they are scattered across the magical world by Fate's destruction of the gateway. Her activities in the magical world are, as yet, unknown, but she apparantly was able to earn enough money to buy an airship. She has recently been found and reunited with Negi.

*An early design of Haruna (known at the time as "Paru Saotome") shows her with massive braided hair and a hairband as well as her trademark antenna. The pigtails of her hair design, without braids, would eventually be given to fellow Library club member Yue.
*"Negima!:" Her artifact is a marker that can draw anything out of thin air. Her hair is also more green than black.
*"Negima!?:" Due to more recent manga events, Haruna became more prominent in this anime interpretation. She gains a pactio with Negi during the first half of the series, and invokes a Cosplay card that, like her manga pactio, animates her sketches to life. The only other pactio ability used is during the "Suka incident", where she turns into a penguin. She is also infamous for drawing the forms by which Shichimi and Motsu take during their investigations at Mahora Academy. Finally, she is one of the most active members of the Chupacabra club outside Asuna, consistently drawing the creature and attending meetings even if her red-headed leader makes little sense with some of their activities. It should be noted that in this series, her trademark antenna twitches whenever she makes a remark. But this only happens when it is shown close-up. Furthermore, she has green hair, like in the first anime series, and noticeably thick eyebrows.

(Seiyū: Sawa Ishige, English VA: Jamie Marchi, Live action actress: Ayumi Watanabe)

etsuna Sakurazaki

Student Number 15: nihongo|Setsuna Sakurazaki|桜咲 刹那|Sakurazaki Setsuna Birthday: 17 January 1989. The 15th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she is a half-demon "hanyo" from Kyoto, sent to Mahora Academy to be the guardian of Konoka Konoe, the daughter of the Kansai Magic Association's leader. Although friends with Konoka from a young age, she ends up distancing herself from her due to a childhood accident, but is forced to come to terms and protect her as Konoka's dormant magical abilities makes her a target for other mages. She has strong feelings for Konoka, which is often played for laughs. A master of "Shinmei-ryū" swordmanship, her abilities and skills makes her ally with Negi, developing another crucial friendship and allying her as a major member of his developing magical forces.

(Seiyū: Yū Kobayashi, English VA: Dana Schultes(Xebec Version), Cherami Leigh (SHAFT Version), Live action actress: Haruki Ichikawa (Ep. 1-15) Aina Nishiaki (Ep. 20-25))


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