Gridiron (cooking)

Gridiron (cooking)

A gridiron is a metal grate with parallel bars typically used for grilling meat or fish. It may also be two such grids, hinged to fold together, to securely hold fish while grilling over an open flame.


There were numerous iron gridirons manufactured and patented in the U.S. in the 1800s. Originally called spiders, these iron legged devices were used in a fireplace placed over the fire to cook food. Over time, gridirons have been developed specifically to accommodate the type of food being prepared and the cooking method being used. A combination hinged gridiron and spider was developed and patented in 1836 by Amasa and George Sizer of Meriden, CT, U.S. Patent #78 [. [] ] . A hinged steel wire gridiron was developed and patented as early as 1889 in New Haven, Connecticut, by William C. Perkins, of the New Haven Wire Goods Co., who received a U.S. Patent #408,136 for a hinged gridiron that would hold the meat in place while broiling. A commercial hinged broiler or gridiron was designed for use in the Bridge & Beach, Co., 1898 vertical cast iron stove. This hinged broiler was manufactured by Luigi Pieragostini, also of the New Haven Wire Goods Co., and patented in 1939; U.S. Patent #2,148,879 [ [] ] . Today, hinged gridirons are used extensively to deep fry or broil fast food in restaurants throughout the world.


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