Hydrated ionic compound

Hydrated ionic compound

Hydrated ionic compounds are those ionic compounds which contain water molecules inside their crystal lattice. The water is not chemically bonded to the crystal in any way, and may be driven off by heating the hydrated compound.

Rules For Naming

There exist two systems for the naming of hydrated ionic compounds

First System

Rule 1: The Ionic Compound must be named using the proper rules for naming ionic compounds.

Rule 2:The correct Greek prefixes must be added to the term "hydrate" as to indicate the number of water molecules per formula unit. (see below for list of naming prefixes)

example: :Monohydrate(one), Dihydrate(two), Trihydrate(three) etc...

Rule 3:To write the chemical formula; write the ionic compound then write a "dot" followed by "H2O" with the number corresponding to the prefix attached to the "hydrate" from the "word" equation.


: ZnCl2 • 6H20 is zinc chloride hexahydrate

: Ba(OH)2•8H2O is barium hydroxide octahydrate

Second System

Naming Prefixes

*Hemi - 1/2
*Mono - 1
*Di - 2
*Tri - 3
*Tetra - 4
*Penta - 5
*hexa - 6
*Hepta - 7
*Octa - 8
*Nona - 9
*Deca - 10

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