Classic equitation books

Classic equitation books

The list of classic equitation books in the English language will never be complete, but here is a start:
*Anne Kursinski "The Horseless Rider"
*Susan E. Harris "Grooming to Win"
*George Morris "Hunter-Seat Equitation"
*George Morris "The American Jumping Style"
*Xenophon, "On Horsemanship" See the Project Gutenberg [ etext]
*Antoine de Pluvinel, "Instruction of the King in the Art of Mounting the Horse", Paris, 1629.
*M. de la Gueriniere, "Ecole de Cavalerie". France, 1733.
*John Solomon Rarey, "The Complete Horse Tamer", 1862. See his family's website for a complete [ etext]
*Edward L. Anderson and Price Collier, "Riding and Driving". Macmillan, 1900.
*Count de Souza, "Elementary Equitation" and "Advanced Equitation"
*Piero Santini, "The Forward Impulse". 1936.
*Fort Riley Cavalry School, "Horsemanship and Horsemastership"
*General Harry D. Chamberlin, "Training Hunters, Jumpers and Hacks", 1934, and "Riding and Schooling Horses", 1937.
*Wilhelm Museler, "Riding Logic". Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0-671-76492-6 op
*Colonel Alois Podhajsky, "The Spanish Riding School", Vienna, 1948.
*Colonel Alois Podhajsky, "The Complete Training of Horse and Rider"
*Margaret Cabell Self, "Horsemastership". New York, 1952.
*German National Equestrian Federation (1990) "The Principles of Riding." Half Halt Pr.
*The Pony Club (13th Edition, 2004) The Manual of Horse Manship. The Pony Club.
*Sivewright, Molly (1979) "Thinking Riding." J. A. Allen.
*Sivewright, Molly (1983) "Thinking Riding Book 2". J. A. Allen.
*Williamson, Charles O. "Breaking and Training the Stock Horse"
*Wynmalen, Henry "Dressage: A Study of the Finer POints of Riding." (also, by the same author, "Equitation.")

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* [ Klassisen taideratsastuksen bibliografia - Bibliography of Classical Dressage by Alain Fabre, in Finnish]

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