Rowing Australia

Rowing Australia

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Rowing Australia (RA) is the governing body for the sport of rowing in Australia.

Established in 1925, it is the only organisation recognised by the Federation Internationale des Societies d’Aviron (FISA), the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), and the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), to conduct rowing activities in, and on behalf of Australia.cite web|url=|title= About RA |accessdate= 2008-03-11 |year= 2006|work= About|publisher= Rowing Australia]


The organisation was formed on 1 May 1925, as the "Australian Amateur Rowing Council". It was incorporated on 15 November 1982, changing its name to the Australian Rowing Council Inc in 1984, and finally Rowing Australia Inc on 2 March 1996.cite web|url=|title= Brief History|accessdate= 2008-03-11|last= Guerin|first= Andrew|year= 2005|work= Rowing Australia|publisher= Guerin-Foster History of Australian Rowing]

Prior to 1925, the Interstate Championships and representation at the Olympic Games were managed by the State Associations. A proposal to form the Australian Amateur Rowing Council failed at the 1909 inter-state conference, in favour of the continuation of the conference system.

Regulations were brought into effect for the conduct of the Intercolonial and Interstate Championships well prior to the formation of RA. Whilst there were many debates over rules from the very first race, the first request for a conference came from New South Wales in February 1887, in order to discuss the possibility of sending a combined crew from all colonies to compete in England.


Rowing Australia and its affiliates currently represent over 15,000 active members, from school age rowers through to veterans rowing. RA member associations operate in seven States, with over 185 schools and 156 clubs offering rowing programs.


RA is responsible for selection of representative Australian teams for the Olympic Games, World Championships, World Under 23 Championships, Trans Tasman teams and Junior World Championships. Rowing Australia also organises four regattas which are conducted in Australia at the national level:
*Australian Rowing Championships
*Australian Masters Championships
*Youth Cup
*Australian Youth Olympic Festivalcite web|url=|title= Competition: National|accessdate= 2008-03-15|year= 2006|work= Competition |publisher=Rowing Australia]


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