Adalla of Silla

Adalla of Silla

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hangul=아달라 이사금
rr=Adalla Isageum
mr=Adalla Isagŭm

Adalla of Silla (?-184, r. 154-184) was the eighth ruler of Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. He is commonly called Adalla Isageum, "isageum" being the royal title in early Silla. As a descendent of Silla's founder Hyeokgeose, his surname was Bak.


He was the eldest son of King Ilseong, his mother being of the Bak clan. He married the daughter of King Jima, making this a marriage of 8th degree consanguinity. He was the last of the Bak clan to rule over early Silla. Descendants of Bak Hyeokgeose would rule again near the end of Unified Silla.


Judging from the reports in the "Samguk Sagi", Adalla's reign was a time of considerable expansion. Because Silla was still a small state, however, some scholars doubt the chronology, or attribute the territorial battles with the Seok clan, who replaced the Bak clan as Silla royalty after Adalla's reign.

He is said to have opened the road over Haneuljae (in present-day Mungyeong) in 157, and also the pass of Jungnyeong (in present-day Yeongju) in 159, extending Silla north of the Sobaek mountains.

Tensions increased with the rival Korean kingdom Baekje for harboring a Silla traitor. The "Samguk Sagi" reports 20,000 soldiers and 8,000 cavalry of Silla battled Baekje in 167.

During his reign, Adalla maintained peaceful relations with the Wa of Japan, who sent an envoy in 158. Himiko sent another envoy in 173.


There is no record of his activities during the last decade of his reign. He died without a male heir, and was succeeded by the Seok clan.

Adalla's tomb is believed to lie next to those of two later kings of Bak Hyeokgeose's line, in the Samneung complex near Namsan in central Gyeongju.ref|tomb1


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