Lady Demon

Lady Demon


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character_name = Lady Demon
publisher = Chaos! Comics
debut = "Lady Death: Between Heaven and Hell" #3
creators = Brian Pulido
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"Lady Demon" is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Chaos! Comics. Her first appearance was in "Lady Death: Between Heaven and Hell" #3.

Fictional character biography

When Lady Death, tired of the endless battle, embraces the darkness within, a demonic persona evolved, and Lady Demon is born. This demonic incarnation cast Purgatori out to Earth and became Lucifer's consort. This did not last however, as Marion's spirit contacted Lady Demon and Lady Death returned to her senses. Absorbing her mother's angelic powers, Lady Death returned to battle Lucifer, ultimately casting him through the gates of Heaven.

The reader later discovers that Lucifer has the power of creation, and that Lady Demon, one of his creations, still exists, albeit with a soul. She seeks out Lady Death and unsuccessfully tries to reincorporate her soul. Featured in her own mini-series, Lady Demon escapes to Earth after she merges with a recently deceased mortal woman, co-ops agent Cheryl Montessori, and pursues a murderous rampage.

An interim story of her time in Hell as Lucifer's consort and slave is featured in "Chaos Quarterly" #2.

Comic appearances (in order of appearance)

*"Lady Death: Between Heaven and Hell" #3

*"Chaos Quarterly" #2

*"Lady Death: Between Heaven and Hell Issue" #4

*"Chaos Quarterly" #1 page 14

*"Lady Death Monthly" 00 to 04

*"Lady Demon" #1

*"Lady Demon" #2

*"Lady Demon" #3

*"Lady Death: The Rapture" #1 page 21

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