European Business School International University Schloss Reichartshausen

European Business School International University Schloss Reichartshausen

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The European Business School (EBS), International University Schloss Reichartshausen in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany, was founded in 1971. As a Business School the EBS claims to excel at combining theory and practice in teaching as well as in research. The university's activities focus on 3 core areas: undergraduate and postgraduate programs, executive education and research. The European Business School has the right to award doctorate and habilitations. The EBS is not part of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

Other European Business Schools

A few years ago, the EBS was part of a European network of private business schools (ebs). While some of the former member institutions continue to operate under the same name (for example, the European Business School London) and have since joined new alliances, the EBS is no longer affiliated with any of them.


*1971—Foundation in Offenbach, Germany
*1977—Officially recognised as Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences)
*1980—Move from Offenbach to Schloss Reichartshausen in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany
*1989—Officially recognised as Wissenschaftliche Hochschule (International University)
*1993—Right to confer Doctorates
*1998—Right to confer senior doctorates (Habilitation)
*2004—Introduction of FIBAA-accredited Bachelor/Master degrees and assistant professorship (Juniorprofessur)
*2005—EBS fails EQUIS accreditation and initiates far-reaching reforms as part of the ongoing process
*2006—Decision to build an additional campus in Wiesbaden to host its upcoming programmes and second faculty
*2007—Start of the EMBA program in cooperation with Durham Business School (UK)
*2008—EBS decides to move parts of the faculty and its management board to Wiesbaden and receives 3 Mio. Euro funding from the City of Wiesbaden
*2008—EBS fails EQUIS accreditation again [ [ Schwere Schlappe für European Business School] ]


A focus of education is set on personality development: every student has the option to receive several coaching sessions from successful business managers in each semester. Apart from their studies in business, economics and management, students participate in a studium universale that teaches important concepts of philosophy and ethics. The ebs also offers executive education and off-the-job training for leaders and future leaders in management.

Besides the Business School, four affiliated academies offer a number of Post-Graduate-Studies: the EBS Immobilienakademie (EBS Academy of Real Estate), the EBS Finanzakademie (EBS Academy of Finance), the EBS Gesundheitsakademie (EBS Academy of Health) and the EBS Management Academy.

Bachelor Programmes

* Bachelor in General Management (B.Sc.)
: Tracks: : "-Business Law" : "-Business Information Systems": "-Business Languages": "-International Business Studies"
* Bachelor in Aviation Management (B.Sc.)

Master Programmes

* Master in Management (M.Sc.)
* Master in Business Law (M.Sc.)

Executive Programmes

* Executive Master in Business Innovation (EMBI)
* EMBA in Health Care Management
* EMBA in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Doctoral Programmes

* Dr. rer. pol.

tudent Life

Students get together in student initiatives, so called "ressorts", to address social concerns, organize special events or consult small and mid-sized businesses. One very important event is the annual EBS Symposium which brings together renowned personalities of business and politics with students and journalists to discuss current business issues.

Building of EBS


*Walter Leisler Kiep

Notable Alumni

* Roy Brandon Burgess, Executive Vice President, International Channels & Business Development, NBC Universal
* Rolf Hansen, Christian Magel and Thomas S. Enge, founders of Simyo GmbH
* Kai-Uwe Ricke, former CEO of Deutsche Telekom AG
* Jochen Zeitz, CEO of Puma
* Peter Zieringer, CEO of DaimlerChrysler Bank AG


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