Treasure Island (disambiguation)

Treasure Island (disambiguation)

"Treasure Island" is an adventure novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson.

Treasure Island may also refer to:

Literature, film, and television

*"Treasure Island" (1934 film), 1934 film starring Jackie Cooper and Wallace Beery
*"Treasure Island" (1950 film), 1950 Disney film starring Bobby Driscoll and Robert Newton
*"Animal Treasure Island" (1971 Japanese animated film) ("Dobutsu Takarajima"), a collaboration between Hiroshi Ikeda and Hayao Miyazaki at Toei Doga
*"Treasure Island" (1972 film), 1972 film starring Orson Welles
*"Treasure Island" (1972 animated film), a 1972 film released by Filmation
*"Return to Treasure Island", 1986 Disney mini-series starring Brian Blessed
* L'Île au trésor (film, 1985) ()
*"Treasure Island" (1988 animated film), 1988 Soviet animated film released by Kievnauchfilm
*"Treasure Island" (1990 film), 1990 film starring Christian Bale and Charlton Heston
*"Treasure Island" (1993 film) ("只要為你活一天"), 1993 Taiwanese film
*"Muppet Treasure Island", 1996 film rendition of Stevenson's novel starring The Muppets and Tim Curry
*"Treasure Island" (1999 film), 1999 film starring Kevin Zeger and Jack Palance
*"Treasure Island" (show), 1997-present, a New Zealand, Irish, and Australian reality television programme


*Treasure Island (Ontario), a small island on South Tea Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario;China
*Treasure Island (Zhenbao Island);Cuba
*Isla de la Juventud ("Isle of Youth"), the second-largest Cuban island, at various times named "La Evangelista", "Isla de Cotorras" ("Isle of Parrots") and "Isla de Tesoros" ("Treasure Island");Fiji
*Treasure Island, Fiji, a coral island and resort that is part of the Mamanuca Islands;Singapore
*Treasure Island, Singapore;Solomon Islands
*Treasury Islands, a small group of islands a few kilometers to the south of Bougainville and 24 kilometers from the Shortland Islands;Tonga
*Treasure Island, Tonga, also known as Eua'iki, a motu and resort in the Tongan Vava'u archipelago;United Kingdom
*"Treasure Island", corporate slang for the United Kingdom, as many multinational companies have a higher profit margin on the products they ship there;United States
*Treasure Island (California), an island in San Francisco Bay
*Treasure Island, Florida, a city
*Treasure Island (Tennessee), an island in Lake McKellar south of Memphis, Tennessee
*Reach Island, or Treasure Island, an island in the state of Washington
*Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park, in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, formerly Treasure Island Resort
*Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada
*Treasure Island Resort and Casino outside Red Wing, Minnesota
*Treasure Island Scout Reservation, a former Boy Scout camp in the Delaware River between Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Other uses

*"Treasure Island" (record), a 1974 record by jazz pianist Keith Jarrett
*Treasure Island (store), a defunct discount store owned by J. C. Penney
*Treasure Island (video game), a game made for computers such as the Commodore Plus/4 and the Commodore 64 around 1984/1985
*Treasure Island Media, a San Francisco-based gay pornography studio
*"Destination Treasure Island", an adventure game

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