Sega Rally 2006

Sega Rally 2006

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developer = Sega
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"Sega Rally 2006" is an arcade oriented racing game developed and published by Sega for PlayStation 2. It is the third installment in the decade running "Sega Rally" series, and it was released in Japan on January 12, 2006 and in Korea on March 30, 2006. This version is the first non-arcade version based "Sega Rally", as a consequence it was not created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi's AM3, but by Jun Taniguchi's team.

"Sega Rally 2006" was rated 26/40 by Weekly Famitsu. No overseas editions have been confirmed.

"Sega Rally 2006" Does not have a 480p option for a progressive capable display. It does however have a 16:9 mode.

"Sega Rally Championship" (which is bundled with this game) Does have a 480p option for a progressive capable display. It does not have a wide screen option.


Sega initially planned the PlayStation 2 release date for 2005 as a 10-year anniversary celebration version, and was to be named "Sega Rally 2005", but the launch date was postponed. A significant change in "Sega Rally 2006" involves the development team's change to a new one led by producer Jun Taniguchi, replacing Tetsuya Mizuguchi ("Sega Rally", "Sega Touring Car Championship"). Taniguchi turned "Sega Rally" into his own vision; First, several features have been removed from the previous "Sega Rally 2" for Sega Dreamcast, both Network Battle and two-player Battle multiplayer modes are not available anymore. The music genre has been changed from instrumental Hard Rock with classic tunes such as "Conditioned Reflex" (the 1996 "Plus" edition BGM being performed by the Japanese act "X-BAND") to Lo-Fi synthesizer driven pop becoming a key change in the series. When "Sega Rally 2" offered 3ch Surround sound, the 2006 edition is only Stereo/Mono, which is a surprising backstep on a 6ch Dolby Digital/Pro Logic II capable machine.

Additionally, the depicted "fog" effect from "Sega Rally 2", which was pointed to be a consequence of the use of Windows CE devkit, has been replaced by a heavy "clipping" effect. The increased speed in the driver's view can be explained by the removal of the rear view mirror. The change is also noticeable within the car selection.

"Sega Rally Championship" was introduced with '92 & '94 World Rally Championship winner cars, being both Didier Auriol's French flagged cars, the Sega Saturn version adding Sandro Munari's hidden Stratos HF Gr4 WRC '77. "Sega Rally 2 Arcade" followed this path with four WRC '97 cars: Carlos Sainz's Corolla WRC, Tommi Mäkinen's Lancer Evo IV WRC, Colin MacRae's Impreza WRC, Gilles Panizzi's 306 Maxi plus Ari Vatanen's Escort WRC '98 & Sandro Munari's Stratos HF Gr4 WRC '77. The original Celica & Delta from "Sega Rally 1995" were hidden in the Arcade version. Due to its "10-year Championship" mode, "Sega Rally 2 Dreamcast" had added a large number of cars to the ones already available in the Arcade. Switching from Europe based FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) WRC (World Rally Championship) to North American based SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) ProRally, the latter allowing more powerful specs, "Sega Rally 2006" abandon all the vehicles from "Sega Rally 2" to introduce a brand new selection. The three original 1995 classics, Celica WRC '94, Delta WRC '92 & Stratos WRC '77 being also included as hidden Extra cars. Some "Sega Rally 2006" Open Class cars are Mark Lovell's Pikes Peak International HillClimb winning Impreza WRX ProRally '03 (the same model appearing in Enthusia Professional Racing), Tim O'Neil's Focus SVT ProRally '03 and the Lancer Evolution VIII MR ProRally '03.

eries 4

An arrange version of "Sega Rally Championship 1995 Arcade" is unlockable in the "Sega Rally 2006" Arcade mode since "Series 4" is a four stage championship actually based on a 128bit updated version of the original Arcade tracks.
*"Arcade SERIES4 SS1" (African Round stage013) is "Sega Rally 1995"'s "Desert" (Safari WRC Africa Rally inspired) aka "1st Stage"
*"Arcade SERIES4 SS2" (North American Round stage014) is "Forest" (Pacific Forest Rally Merritt BC Canadian Rally Championship inspired) aka "2nd Stage"
*"Arcade SERIES4 SS3" (European Round stage015) is "Mountain" (Tour de Corse WRC France Rally inspired) aka "Last Stage"
*"Arcade SERIES4 SS4" (Scandinavian Round stage16) is "Lakeside" (1000 Lakes WRC Rally Finland inspired) aka "Extra Stage".Beating "Series 4" unlock the "Sega Rally 1995" Delta HF Integrale WRC '92 Extra car.

Game modes

"Sega Rally 2006" features three game modes: Career Mode, Arcade Mode and the classical Time Attack Mode.

*The Arcade Mode is based on checkpoints. The driver select between "Series 1" (Easy), "Series 2" (Normal) or "Series 3" (Hard) for a 4-stages championship with the goal to reach the pole position by the end of the series and to become the Champion. The driver starts each series from the 15th position and race on various predetermined weather/daytime conditions in European, Asian, African, North American, Scandinavian or Circuit rounds. It is possible to race the Arcade Mode with Professional, Extra or Career tuned cars. After completing the first Series, another set of stages is unlocked as "Series 4", "Series 5" & "Series 6". Beating this second set of stages unlock the three "Extra" cars taken from "Sega Rally Championship 1995".

*Career is "Sega Rally 2006"'s core with four race types: 1on1 Versus CPU, Race against seven AI controlled cars, Time Attack & Total time series Rally. The Career mode is divided in two steps Amateur and Professional each one with its own "Open", "Class 1" & "Class 2" series. The "Sega Rally Championship" is only available once the driver has become Professional.

Campaign releases

*Logicool (Logitech Japan) has released a special Driving Force Pro pack as "GT FORCE PRO for SEGA RALLY".
*"Sega Rally 2006" has been released as a 2-disc special slipcase collector edition named "First Print limited edition" in Japan. The "Sega Rally 2006" PS2 DVD-ROM is bundled with a port of the original arcade "Sega Rally Championship 1995", pressed on a bonus PS2 CD-ROM. the Korean edition also features the bonus CD-ROM.
*The standard single disc "Sega Rally 2006" edition has not been released yet in Japan and the "Sega Rally Championship 1995" CD-ROM will not be sold separately.

eries timeline

*1995: Sega Rally Championship 1995 International Rally Arcade (Twin Cabinet/Deluxe Cabinet),Sega Saturn (Japan/Europe)
*1995: Sega Rally Championship Sega Saturn International Rally Sega Saturn (USA)
*1996: Sega Rally Championship Plus International Rally Sega Saturn (Japan)
*1996: Sega Rally Championship Plus International Rally Netlink Edition Sega Saturn (USA)
*1996: Sega Rally Championship 1996 Special Stage Joypolis Attraction (Shinjuku Amusement Park)
*1997: Sega Rally Championship PC International Rally Windows 95
*1998: Sega Rally 2 Championship Arcade (Twin Cabinet/Deluxe Cabinet)
*1999: Sega Rally 2 Championship Dreamcast (Network Battle mode in Japan only), Windows 98
*2002: Sega Rally Championship Game Boy Advance
*2004: Sega Rally Championship 2004 International Rally i-mode Mobile,EZweb Mobile,Vodafone Mobile
*2006: Sega Rally Championship 1995 International Rally PlayStation 2 (Japan only)
*2006: Sega Rally 2006 PlayStation 2

Car List (13)

Amateur (CAREER)

*Xsara 2.0i 16v VTS "2004"FORD USA
*Focus RS8 "2004"PEUGEOT FRA
*Lancer Evolution VIII MR (CT9A) "2003"SUBARU (STi) JPN
*Impreza WRX STi (GDB Type II) "2003"

Professional (CAREER)

*Xsara RallyCross Citroën Financement TeamFORD RACING (Ford) USA
*Focus SVT Air Force Reserve Team Rally Car "2003" [SCCA ProRally #29 driven by T.O'Neil/A.Gelsomino] PEUGEOT SPORT (Peugeot) FRA
*307 Peugeot Sport TeamMITSUBISHI MOTORS JPN
*Lancer Evolution VIII MR (CT9A) Mitsubishi Motor Sports America Team Rally Car [SCCA ProRally] SUBARU TECHNICA INTERNATIONAL (Subaru) JPN
*Impreza WRX (GDB Type II) Subaru Rally Team USA Rally Car "2003" [SCCA ProRally #4 driven by M.Lovell/R.Freeman]

Extra (ARCADE)

*Delta HF Integrale Martini Racing Team "1992" [WRC Monte Carlo Rally #4 driven by D.Auriol/B.Occelli]
*Stratos HF Gr4 Alitalia Team "1977" [WRC Monte Carlo Rally #1 driven by S.Munari/S.Maiga] TOYOTA JPN
*Celica GT-Four WRC (ST205) Castrol Team "1994" [WRC #1 driven by D.Auriol/D.Giraudet]

tage List


*Best Car 1DAY CUP
*Beginners Challenge CUP (R3-SS1/SS2 R5-SS1/SS2)
*Holiday Auto 1DAY CUP
*Eibach 1DAY CUP (SS1/SS2/SS3)
*Sabelt 1DAY CUP
*Play Drive 1DAY CUP


*Brembo Challenge CUP
*SACHS Tournament CUP (R2 R4)
*All Amateur Dirt Champion
*All Amateur Circuit Champion
*Amateur Dirt Champion
*Tipo 1DAY CUP
*Castrol Tournament CUP (R3)
*TOTAL Challenge CUP (R2)
*ÖHLINS Challenge CUP
*All Amateur Rally Champion
*MICHELIN Tournament CUP


*Brembo Challenge CUP
*All Amateur Champion
*SACHS Tournament CUP
*All Amateur Circuit Champion
*"Maker" Festival/Carnival
*Brembo Challenge CUP
*Castrol Tournament CUP
*TOTAL Challenge CUP (R2)
*ÖHLINS Challenge CUP
*All Amateur Rally Champion
*All Amateur Dirt Champion
*MICHELIN Tournament CUP



ponsor List

*C-One Motorsport
*Magnetti Marelli

CD Collection List

BGM soundtrack titles unlockable in the Career mode.
* CD01 Last Wave
* CD02 Let's Go Away
* CD03 Waltz of the Universe
* CD04 Fly Like a Butterfly
* CD05 Spidey
* CD06 Crush on You
* CD07 Què Es su Nombre?
* CD08 Kimi no Tamenara Shineru (Perfect Edition)
* CD09 Battle of Gouhi
* CD10 What I'm Made of...
* CD11 Break Through
* CD12 Dive Into the Mellow

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