12th century in literature

12th century in literature

"See also:" 11th century in literature, 13th century in literature, list of years in literature.----__TOC__The twelfth century saw an explosion in the production of Latin texts and a proliferation of literate clerics from the multiplying cathedral schools. At the same time, vernacular literatures ranging from Provençal to Icelandic embodied in lyric and romance the values and worldview of an increasingly self-conscious and prosperous courtly aristocracy. These two trends contributed to a sweeping revival of letters with a lasting influence on the development of literature in the following centuries.


*early 12th c. "Gesta Francorum"
*1108 "Dei gesta per Francos" by Guibert of Nogent
*c. 1136 "Historia Regum Britanniae" by Geoffrey of Monmouth
*1113 "Chronicle of Nestor"
*1122-1154 "Peterborough Chronicle"
*early 12th c. "Íslendingabók"
*ca. 1140 "Chronicon Roskildense
*ca. 1170 "Chronicon Lethrense"
*1171 "Chronicon Slavorum" by Adam of Bremen
*Topographia Hibernica ("Topography of Ireland", 1188) by Gerald of Wales
*1190s "Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja"
*late 12th c. "Gesta Danorum" by Saxo Grammaticus
*"Brevis Historia Regum Dacie" by Sven Aggesen
*"Annales Lundenses"
*"Historia rerum in partibus transmarinis gestarum" by William of Tyre


*c. 1120 "Sic et Non" by Pierre Abélard
*ca. 1150 - "The Four Books of Sentences (Libri Quattuor Sententiarum)" by Peter Lombard
*c. 1160 "Policraticus" by John of Salisbury


*c. 1124 "Vita Anselmi" (life of Anselm of Canterbury) by Eadmer

Epic/Saga/Chanson du Geste

*1148 "Alexiad" by Anna Komnene
*ca. 1160, Roman d'Enéas
*ca. 1180 "Chanson d'Antioche"
*late 12th c. "Táin Bó Cúailnge"
*late 12th c. "The Tale of Igor's Campaign"
*ca. 1200 "Nibelungenlied"
*"Digenis Acritas"
*"Metrical Dindshenchas"
*"Poetic Edda", possibly by Sæmundr fróði
*ca. 12th c. "The Knight in the Panther's Skin" by Shota Rustaveli
*ca. 12th c. "Mabinogion"
*"Chanson de Jerusalem"


*1180s "Perceval, le Conte du Graal" by Chrétien de Troyes


*"Ludus de Antichristo"


*late 12th c. "Lais" by Marie de France
*1140s-50s "lyrics (goliardic poetry) by Hugh of Orleans
*1150s-60s "lyrics (goliardic poetry) by the Archpoet of Cologne


*Chrétien de Troyes

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