Cumberland County Cricket Club

Cumberland County Cricket Club

Cumberland County Cricket Club is one of the county clubs which make up the Minor Counties in the English domestic cricket structure, representing the historic county of Cumberland and playing in the Minor Counties Championship and the MCCA Knockout Trophy.

The club is based at the Edenside Ground, Carlisle and also plays matches around Cumbria at various places including Workington, Penrith, Netherfield Cricket Club Ground in Kendal and Barrow-in-Furness. The last two places are actually outside the traditional boundaries of Cumberland: Kendal is in the traditional county of Westmorland (which does not have its own Minor Counties team), and Barrow is traditionally in Lancashire. However both of these towns are in the administrative county of Cumbria, which was created in 1974 by combining the traditional counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, the Furness district of Lancashire, and a small part of Yorkshire. Westmorland is one of the three historic counties of England that does not have a first class or minor county cricket team, and Lancashire's team plays in distant Manchester.

The Minor Counties play three-day matches at a level below that of the first-class game. At present, Cumberland competes in the Eastern Division of the Minor Counties Championship.



  • Minor Counties Championship (2) - 1986, 1999; shared (0) -
  • MCCA Knockout Trophy (1) - 1989

Earliest cricket

Cricket probably reached Cumberland during the 18th century. The earliest reference to cricket in the county is in 1828.

It is known that a county organisation was established on 2 January 1884.

Origin of club

The present club was founded fairly recently, on 10 April 1948 as the "Cumberland and Westmorland CCC". The "Westmorland" was dropped when the side was admitted to the Minor Counties Championship for the 1955 season.

Club history

Cumberland has won the Minor Counties Championship twice, in 1986, and 1999.

Cumberland has won the MCCA Knockout Trophy once since its inception in 1983. It won in 1989.

Famous players

The following Cumberland cricketers also made an impact on the first-class game:


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