Nurse with Wound list

Nurse with Wound list
The Nurse With Wound list

The Nurse with Wound list is a list of 291[1] musicians and bands that accompanied Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella (1979), the first album by Nurse With Wound. The list was expanded with Nurse With Wound's second album, To the Quiet Men from a Tiny Girl (1980).

The list was compiled by the original Nurse With Wound trio of Steven Stapleton, John Fothergill, and Heman Pathak. It was intended as a homage to the artists which influenced the Nurse With Wound project.[2][3] It has since become a type of 'shopping list' for collectors of outsider and avant-garde music. Given their obscurity, some of the artists named on the list have been a mystery for many collectors.[4] Stapleton has even boasted that some of the names on the list were invented,[5] a statement absolutely refuted by John Fothergill.[6]



  • Agitation Free, German rock group.
  • Pekka Airaksinen, Finnish musician and member of the group Sperm (see below).
  • Airway, project of Joe Potts as part of the Los Angeles Free Music Society collective.
  • Albrecht/d. German artists with ties to the Fluxus scene. Has worked with Joseph Beuys and Throbbing Gristle (see below).
  • Alcatraz, German rock group.
  • Älgarnas Trädgård, Swedish rock group.
  • All 7-70, see Ritual All 770 (below)
  • Alternative TV, British group led by Mark Perry of Sniffin' Glue (magazine) fame. Has worked with Throbbing Gristle (see below). Also see Good Missionaries (below).
  • Alvaro Peña-Rojas, Chilean singer and multi-instrumentalist. Famous for his "singing nose". Once a member of the pre-Clash band The 101ers.
  • Ame Son, French rock group.
  • AMM, British improv group. Currently the core members are just Eddie Prévost and John Tilbury, but has in the past included Keith Rowe, Lou Gare, Cornelius Cardew, Lawrence Sheaff, and Christopher Hobbs. Has worked with the MEV (see below).
  • Amon Düül, German commune and rock group
  • Amon Düül II, German rock group.
  • Anal Magic and Reverend Dwight Frizzell, American Dwight Frizzell assisted by a number of friends.
  • Anima, German rock group sometimes going by the name Anima-Sound. Lead by husband and wife Paul and Limpe Fuchs with assistance of Friedrich Gulda (see below) on some albums.
  • Annexus Quam, German rock group.
  • Aksak Maboul (Aqsak Maboul), Belgium group led by Marc Hollander.
  • Arbete och Fritid, Swedish rock group.
  • Arcane V, French rock group.
  • Archaïa, French rock group.
  • Archimedes Badkar, Swedish rock group.
  • Area, Italian rock group. Members included Demetrio Stratos (see below), Paolo Tofani (see below), and Patrizio Fariselli (see below).
  • Gilbert Artman, French musician and leader of the groups Lard Free (see below) and Urban Sax. Also a member of Clearlight, Delired Cameleon Family, Operation Rhino (see below), and Catalogue. Note there are no known recordings (before 1980) released under his solo name.
  • Art Bears, British based trio of Fred Frith (see below), Chris Cutler, and Dagmar Krause, all of whom were members of Henry Cow (see below).
  • Art Zoyd (Art Zoyd III), French rock/modern-classical group.
  • Arzachel, British rock group sometimes going by the name Uriel. Later became the group Egg.
  • Robert Ashley, American composer and experimentalist. Member of the ONCE Group and the Sonic Arts Union with David Behrman, Alvin Lucier (see below), and Gordon Mumma.
  • Ash Ra Tempel, German rock group led by Manuel Göttsching. Part of the supergroup Cosmic Jokers. Released an album with Timothy Leary. Later albums credited as Ashra.
  • Association P.C., jazz emsemble led by Pierre Courbois.


  • Il Balletto di Bronzo, Italian rock group.
  • Banten, Dutch group. Members include Jurre Haanstra, Ernst Reijseger, and Rob Van Der Broeck.
  • Franco Battiato, Italian singer, composer, and songwriter.
  • Han Bennink, Dutch jazz percussionist. One of the founding members of the Instant Composers Pool (with Misha Mengelberg and Willem Breuker). Has also worked with Peter Brötzmann, Fred Van Hove, Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, and Steve Beresford (see below).
  • Steve Beresford, Bristish multi-instrumentalists who has worked in a wide range of fields including jazz, film score, and pop. Some of these include Alterations, Derek Bailey, Han Bennick (see above), Flying Lizards (see below), and the Portsmouth Sinfonia.
  • Jacques Berrocal, French trombonist, trumpeter, and all around multi-instrumentalist. Has worked with Nurse With Wound. Member of the groups Operation Rhino (see below) and Catalogue.
  • Philippe Besombes, French musician and soundtrack/library music composer. Was a member of the group Pôle (see below).
  • Biglietto per l'Inferno, Italian rock group.
  • Birgé Gorgé Shiroc, French trio of Jean-Jacques Birgé, Francis Gorgé, and Shiroc. After the departure of Shiroc and the addition of Bernard Vitet they became the group Un Drame Musical Instantane.
  • Blue Effect, see Modry Efekt (below).
  • Blue Sun, Danish group.
  • Raymond Boni, French guitarist.
  • Don Bradshaw-Leather, mysterious group rumored to be the creation of Robert John Godfrey (of the group The Enid).
  • Brainstorm, German rock group.
  • Brainticket, Swiss rock group.
  • Brast Burn, Japanese group. Labelmates of Karuna Khyal on Voice Records.
  • Brave New World, German rock group.
  • Anton Bruhin, Swiss sound experimentalists and maultrommel player. Has worked with Adolf Wölfli.
  • Brühwarm Theatre, German performance artist Corny Littmann backed by the group Ton Steine Scherben (see below).



  • Dadazuzu, German group that has only ever made 1 track for a compilation release.
  • Wolfgang Dauner, German jazz pianist.
  • Debris', American group.
  • Decayes, American group. An offshoot of the Los Angeles Free Music Society.
  • Dedalus, Italian rock group.
  • The Deep Freeze Mice, British rock group.
  • Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF), German group. After a couple LPs trimed down to a duo, moved to England, and made more commercial albums.
  • Dharma Quintet, French jazz ensemble.
  • Dies Irae, German rock group.
  • Dome, Another Wire side project by Graham Lewis and Bruce Gilbert. See Cupol above. Not to be confused with German group DOM.
  • Doo-Dooettes part of the Los Angeles Free Music Society.
  • Philippe Doray, French musician. Has worked with Thierry Muller (see below).
  • Roger Doyle, Irish musician and composer. In the group Operating Theatre which had an album released on Unitied Dairies.
  • Jean Dubuffet, French artist and creater of Art Brut.
  • Dzyan, German rock group.


  • Eiliff, German rock group.
  • Emtidi, German duo of Maik Hirschfeldt and Dolly Holmes.
  • Eroc, German drummer and multi-instrumentaluist Achim H. Ehrig. Was a member of Grobschnitt (see below).
  • Etron Fou Le Loublan, French rock group. Part of the Rock in Opposition movement.
  • Exmagma, German rock group. They have nothing to do with the French band Magma.


  • Family Fodder, Bristish rock group led by Alig Fodder.
  • Patrizio Fariselli, Italian pianist and member of Area (see above).
  • Faust, German rock group. Has worked with Slapp Happy and Tony Conrad. A later version of the group has worked with Nurse With Wound.
  • Luc Ferrari, French composer and musique concrète practitioner.
  • Fille Qui Mousse, French rock group.
  • Floh de Cologne, German rock group.
  • Flying Lizards, British group led by David Cunningham (see above). Also see Steve Beresford (above).
  • Food Brain, Japanese rock group.
  • Förklädd Gud (God in Disguise), Swedish rock group.
  • Walter Franco, Brazilian singer and composer.
  • Free Agents, project of Pete Shelley of Buzzcocks fame.
  • Friendsound, American rock group led by Drake Levin of Paul Revere & the Raiders fame.
  • Fred Frith, British guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Was in the groups Henry Cow (see below) and Art Bears (see above).


  • Gash, German rock band.
  • Ron Geesin, British composer, musician, producer. Has worked with Pink Floyd.
  • Gila, German rock group.
  • Jef Gilson, French musician.
  • Glaxo Babies, British rock group.
  • God in Disguise, see Förklädd Gud (above)
  • Gomorrha, German rock group.
  • Gong, British/French rock group.
  • Good Missionaries side-project of Alternative TV (see above).
  • Le Grand Magic Circus, French performance group. Danny Elfman was once a member.
  • John Greaves and Peter Blegvad (and Lisa Herman), collaboration between members of Henry Cow (see below) and Slapp Happy.
  • Fernando Grillo, Italian contrabass player with ties to the Fluxus scene.
  • Ragnar Grippe, Swedish electronic musician composer.
  • Grobschnitt, German rock group. Also see Eroc (above).
  • Group 1850, Dutch rock group.
  • Jean Guérin, French jazz drummer.
  • Friedrich Gulda Austrian pianist and composer. Was a member of Anima-Sound (see above).
  • Guru Guru, German rock group. Also see Uli Trepte (below).



  • Ibliss, German rock group. Includes former members of Organisation/Kraftwerk (see below).
  • L'Infonie, Canadian rock group.
  • International Harvester, Swedish rock group. Have also released albums as Pärson Sound, Harvester, and Träd, Gräs & Stenar.
  • Iskra, Swedish jazz group. Not to be confused with Iskra 1903.
  • Island, Swiss rock group.


  • Martin Davorin-Jagodic, Croatian composer. Has worked with John Cage (see above).
  • Jan Dukes de Grey, British folk group.


  • King Crimson, British group lead by Robert Fripp. Violinist David Cross has released a track on a Unitited Dairies compilation.
  • Basil Kirchin, Swiss musician and film composer.
  • Osamu Kitajima, Japanese composer and musician.
  • Kluster, German trio of Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Dieter Moebius, and Conrad Schnitzler. Later split into Cluster and Conrad Schnitzler solo. Releated to the band Eruption.
  • Frank Köllges (misspelled Kolges on the list), German musician.
  • Kollektiv Rote Rube, German rock group. Has worked with Ton Steine Scherben (see below). Not to be confused with Kollektiv.
  • Komintern, French rock group.
  • Kraftwerk, German electronic-rock group. Former members have gone into Ibliss (see above), Neu! (see below), and Fritz Müller Rock (see below).
  • Krokodil, Swiss rock group.


  • Steve Lacy, jazz saxophonist & composer. Member of The Jazz Composer's Orchestra. Has worked with Cecil Taylor, Don Cherry, Michael Mantler (see below), Alvin Curran, Frederic Rzewski, Michel Waisvisz (see below), Han Bennink (see above), and Brion Gysin.
  • Lard Free, French rock group led by Gilbert Artman (see above).
  • Le Forte Four, part of the Los Angeles Free Music Society.
  • Lemon Kittens, British duo of Karl Blake and Danielle Dax. Released an album on Unitited Dairies.
  • Lily (band), German rock group.
  • Limbus 3/Limbus 4, Two versions a German rock group. The 3 & 4 refers to the number of members not album number (e.g. there is no Limbus 1 or Limbus 2).
  • Bernard Lubat, French jazz musician.
  • Alvin Lucier, American musician and composer. Part of the Sonic Arts Union.


  • Magical Power Mako, Japanese rock group.
  • Magma, French rock group led by Christian Vander (see below).
  • Colette Magny, French singer, songwriter, and composer.
  • Mahjun, French rock group led by Jean-Louis Mahjun.
  • Mahogany Brain, French rock group.
  • Malfatti-Wittwer, jazz duo of Austrian Radu Malfatti and Swiss Stephan Wittwer.
  • Mama Dada 1919, American rock group.
  • Michael Mantler, Austrian musician. Member of The Jazz Composer's Orchestra. Has worked with Steve Lacy (see above), Carla Bley, Terje Rypdal (see below), abd Robert Wyatt (see below).
  • Albert Marcoeur, French musician.
  • Mars, American rock group. Members: Sumner Crane, Nancy Arlen, Mark Cunningham, and China Burg.
  • Maschine Nr. 9, German studio project of Hans Eichleiter, Georg Deuter, and Hans Greb with assistance from a large number of real and sampled voices.
  • Mate and Vallancien, French duo of Philippe Mate and Daniel Vallancien.
  • Costin Miereanu, French composer and musician.
  • Min Bul, Norwegian jazz-rock trio of Terje Rypdal (see below), Bjørnar Andresen, and Espen Rud.
  • Mnemonists, American group. Later became the group Biota.
  • Modry Efekt (Blue Effect), Czech rock group.
  • Moolah, American duo of Maurice Roberson and Walter Burns.
  • Anthony Moore, German musician. Was member of Slapp Happy and Henry Cow (see above).
  • Mothers of Invention, American rock group featuring Frank Zappa (see below). Some other members included Jimmy Carl Black, Don Preston, Bunk Gardner, and Ray Collins. After Zappa went solo, several of the other members formed the group The Grandmothers.
  • Moving Gelatine Plates, French group.
  • Fritz Müller (Fritz Müller Rock), German musician Eberhard Kranemann. Was member of Kraftwerk (see above) and Neu! (see below).
  • Thierry Müller, French musician and leader of the group Ilitch. Also in the group Ruth with Ruth Ellyeri and Philippe Doray (see above).
  • Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV), American-European improv group. Members have included Alvin Curran, Frederic Rzewski, Richard Teitelbaum, Allan Bryant, Ivan Coaquette, and Ivan Vandor. Has worked with AMM (see above).
  • Music Improvisation Company, jazz ensemble led by Derek Bailey.
  • Mythos, German rock group.


  • Napoli Centrale, Italian rock group.
  • Negativland, American group.
  • Neu!, German rock group. Most of the members had been in Kraftwerk (see above). La Düsseldorf is a related band. Also see Fritz Müller (above).
  • New Phonic Art, jazz ensemble led by Vinko Globokar. Also featuring Michel Portal (see below), Jean-Pierre Drouet, and Carlos Roqué Alsina.
  • Nico, German singer best known for being on the first Velvet Underground (see below) album.
  • Night Sun, German rock group.
  • Nihilist Spasm Band, Canadian rock group.
  • Nine Days Wonder (band), German rock group.
  • Nosferatu, German rock group.
  • Nu Creative Methods, jazz duo of Bernard Pruvost and Pierre Bastien.


  • Oktober, German rock group.
  • Yoko Ono, Japanese artists involved in the Fluxus scene. Later married John Lennon of the Beatles.
  • Operation Rhino, jazz ensemble of Gilbert Artman (see above), Pierre Bastien, Claude Bernard, Jacques Berrocal (see above), Raymond Boni (see above), Evan Chandlee, Mion Cinellu, Dominique Christian, Daniel Deshays, Harald Kenietzo, Tonia Munuera, Itaru Oki, Alain Pinsolle, Philippe Pochan, Patrice Raux, Richard Raux, François Tusques, and Mallot Vallois.
  • Opus Avantra, Italian rock group led by Alfredo Tisocco and Donella Del Monaco.
  • Orchid Spangiafora, American rock group.
  • Out of Focus, German rock group.
  • Ovary Lodge, group led by Keith Tippett.
  • Tony Oxley, jazz drummer.



  • Red Krayola (Red Crayola), American rock group led by Mayo Thompson. Has collaborated with Art And Language and Jim O'Rourke. Mayo was also once a member of the group Pere Ubu (above).
  • Red Noise, French rock group led by Patrick Vain (see below). Not to be confused with Bill Nelson's Red Noise.
  • Reform Art Unit, jazz ensemble.
  • Steve Reich, American composer and musician.
  • Achim Reichel, German guitarist and leader of the group A.R. & Machines.
  • The Residents, American group.
  • Catherine Ribeiro and Alpes (French band)
  • Boyd Rice, American musician and creative force behind NON.
  • Terry Riley, American composer and musician.
  • Ritual ALL-7-70, group led by Alan Sondheim.
  • Claudio Rocchi, Italian musician.
  • Rocky's Filj, Italian jazz-rock group.
  • Ron 'Pate's Debonairs, American performance-rock group featuring Fred Lane.
  • Roth, Rühm, & Wiener see Selten Gehörte Musik (below).
  • Ray Russell, British guitarist.
  • Terje Rypdal, Norwegian jazz guitarists.


  • Martin Saint-Pierre, Argentinian percussionist.
  • Samla Mammas Manna, Swedish rock group.
  • Gunter Schickert, German guitarist.
  • Second Hand, British rock group. also see Chillum (above).
  • Secret Oyster, Dannish rock group.
  • Seeselberg, German electronic duo.
  • Selten Gehörte Musik, Austrian group featuring Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm, and Oswald Wiener. Part of the Viennese Actionism which also included Rudolf Schwarzkogler and Hermann Nitsch.
  • Semool, French rock group.
  • Sonny Sharrock, jazz guitarist.
  • Silberbart, German rock group.
  • Siloah, German rock group.
  • Soft Machine, British rock group.
  • Smegma, part of the Los Angeles Free Music Society.
  • LaDonna Smith and Davey Williams, American musicians and founders of the Trans Museq record label.
  • Sally Smmitt, project of Sally Timms who is a member of the group Mekons.
  • Alan Sondheim, see Ritual All 770 (above).
  • Snatch, American duo of Judy Nylon and Patti Palladin. Has worked with Brian Eno.
  • Sperm, Finnish group lead by Pekka Airaksinen (see above).
  • Sphinx Tush, German group that became Tomorrow's Gift (see below). Only recorded one song (but appears in two different versions).
  • Stooges, American rock band.
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen, German composer.
  • Demetrio Stratos, Italian singer and musician. Was a member of the group Area (see above).
  • Supersister, Dutch rock band.




  • Christian Vander French musician and leader of the group Magma (band) (see above).
  • Velvet Underground, American rock group with ties to Andy Warhol's Factory. Members included Lou Reed, John Cale, Moe Tucker, Sterling Morrison, and Nico (see above).
  • Vertø, French duo of Gilles Goubin and Jean-Pierre Grasset.
  • Patrick Vian, French musician. Was in the group Red Noise (see above).
  • L. Voag, British musician Jim Welton. Has works under a number of aliases such as Amos and The Just Measures. Was a member of the group The Homosexuals.


  • Michel Waisvisz, Electronic music designer and preformer.
  • Igor Wakhevitch, French multi-insturmentalist.
  • Lawrence Weiner, Visual and soundtext artist.
  • Trevor Wishart, British musician.
  • James White and the Contortions, refers to two groups led by James White: The Contortions and James White and the Blacks.
  • Whitehouse, British group lead by William Bennett. Preceded by the group Come (see above). Has worked with Nurse With Wound.
  • Wired, jazz ensemble led by Michael Ranta.
  • Woorden, Dutch rock group.
  • Robert Wyatt, British vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Was a member of the groups Soft Machine (see above) and Matching Mole.



  • Ya Ho Wha 13, American commune and rock group. Recorded under various names such as Father Yod And The Spirit Of '76 and Fire, Water, Air. Sky Saxon, from the group The Seeds, was once a member.
  • La Monte Young, American composer and musician.


  • Frank Zappa American musician and composer. Was member of the Mothers of Invention (see above) and has worked with Captain Beefheart (see above).
  • ZNR (Zazou'n'Racaille), French rock group led by Hector Zazou and Joseph Racaille.
  • Zweistein, German rock group.


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