South Buckinghamshire (UK Parliament constituency)

South Buckinghamshire (UK Parliament constituency)

UK former constituency infobox
Name = South Buckinghamshire
Type = County
Year = 1950
Abolition = 1974
members = one

South Buckinghamshire was a parliamentary constituency in the county of Buckinghamshire, England. From 1950 to 1974, it returned one Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, elected by the first past the post voting system.


The constituency was created in 1950 as part of the first general review of seats by a permanent Boundary Commission for England which had been established in 1944. Before 1950 the area had formed part of the Aylesbury and Eton & Slough constituencies.

The constituency existed until 1974, when it was split between the Beaconsfield and Chesham & Amersham constituencies.


South Buckinghamshire was a County constituency and a division of the Administrative County of Buckinghamshire. It comprised part of southern Buckinghamshire, bordering Aylesbury to the north, Wycombe to the west and Eton and Slough to the south.

The constituency included the Beaconsfield Urban District, the whole of Eton Rural District and part of Amersham Rural District.

Members of Parliament

* 1950-1974: Ronald Bell (Conservative)


Election box begin
title=General Election 1950: South Buckinghamshire
Election box candidate with party link
party = Conservative Party (UK)
candidate = Ronald Bell
votes = 26,865
percentage = 58.6
change = "N/A"
Election box candidate with party link
party = Labour Party (UK)
candidate = C.A. Dee
votes = 11,389
percentage = 23.9
change = "N/A"
Election box candidate with party link
party = Liberal Party (UK)
candidate = B.H. Belfrage
votes = 7,559
percentage = 16.5
change = "N/A"
Election box majority
votes = 15,476
percentage = 33.7
change = "N/A"
Election box turnout
votes = 45,813
percentage = 85.7
change = "N/A"
Election box Registered electors
reg. electors = 53,482
Election box gain with party link
winner = Conservative Party (UK)
loser = new seat
swing = "N/A"


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