Semaphore may be:

Optical-telegraph systems:
* Semaphore line, a system of long-distance communication based on towers with moving arms
* Flag semaphore system
* Railway semaphore signal for railroad traffic control

* Semaphore (band), London based music trio
* Traffic semaphore, another name for automotive traffic lights based on their early resemblance to railway semaphores
* Turning semaphore, retractable semaphores on automobiles from the 1920s to 1950s
* Semaphore (programming), in computer science, a mechanism for supporting mutual exclusion in concurrent programs
* Semaphore, South Australia, a historic seaside community in southern Australia
* Semaphore railway line, Adelaide, a closed railway line in Adelaide South Australia
* Semaphore (album), a 1998 album by the band Fridge
* Semaphore, fictional professor in "Cubitus" comic strips or "Wowser" cartoons

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*International maritime signal flags

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