Vinyl (disambiguation)

Vinyl (disambiguation)

Vinyl can refer to the following:

* Vinyl, a class of organic molecules
* Vinyl polymer, a group of polymers derived from vinyl monomers
* Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a particular vinyl polymer
* Vinyl siding

In Film:

* Vinyl (1965 film), a film directed by Andy Warhol
* Vinyl (2000 film), a documentary direct by Alan Zweig
* Blue Vinyl, a documentary direct by Daniel B. Gold and Judith Helfand

In Music:

* Gramophone record, also known as a "vinyl record"
* Vinyl (album), an album by Dramarama
* Vinyl (EP), an EP by Dramarama
* Vinyl (The Gift album), an album by Portuguese band The Gift
* Vinyl (band), a band from the San Francisco Bay area
* Vintage Vinyl, a record store
* Vinyl Solution, a record label
* Vinyl (magazine), a periodical magazine about the recording industry

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