Ge may refer to:word:
* Ge, Old English pronoun, written "ye" in Middle and Modern English
* "Gē", an ancient Chinese dagger-axenames:
* Nikolai Ge, a Russian painter
* Ge (Cyrillic) (Г, г), a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet
* Ge with upturn (Ґ, ґ), a letter of the Ukrainian alphabet
* "Ge (butterfly)", a genus of butterflies in the grass skipper family.
* , a group of indigenous Brazilian tribes and their Ge languages
* (Gê), a Greek goddess personifying the Earth in Gaia (mythology)abbreviations:
* Canton of Geneva (abbr. GE), Switzerland
* General Electric (GE)
* Genetic engineering (GE)
* Georgia (country) (ISO 3166 country code: GE (since 1992); Internet TLD: .ge)
* Germanium (symbol: Ge), a chemical element
* Germany (NATO obsolete country code: GE)
* Giant elliptical galaxy (GE)
* Gilbert and Ellice Islands (ISO 3166 country code: GE (until 1977))
* Gilbert Islands (ISO 3166 country code: GE (1977–1979))
* Gigabit Ethernet (GE), a networking technology
* Google Earth (GE), computer software to view satellite images of Earth
* Grid Engine (GE), an open source batch-queuing system for High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters
* "Granado Espada", a massively multiplayer online game from Korea
* Guinea Ecuatorial - Equatorial Guinea and
* Guinée équatoriale - Equatorial Guinea
* TransAsia Airways (IATA airline designator: GE)
* General education (GE)
* Ganglionic eminence, a transitory structure in the developing brain.

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