HMS Resolution (S22)

HMS Resolution (S22)

HMS "Resolution" (S22) was the first of the Royal Navy's "Resolution"-class ballistic missile submarines.

Ordered in May 1963, she was built by Vickers Armstrong at a cost of £40.2m. The keel was laid down on 26 February 1964 by the Director General Ships, Sir Alfred Sims, and the launch was on 15 September 1966, attended by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. The submarine was commissioned on 2 October 1967, and following extensive trials, including the firing of her first Polaris missile on 15 February 1968, commenced her first patrol on 15 June 1968.

Her Polaris system was updated in 1984 with the "Chevaline" IFE (Improved Front End) that included two new warheads and re-entry bodies and penaids, super-hardened to resist ABM attack, replacing the original three ET.317 warheads. "Resolution" conducted the longest Polaris patrol of 108 days in 1991.

Following the completion of the first Trident submarine in 1992, the "Resolution" class were gradually removed from service. "Resolution" was de-commissioned on 22 October 1994, after 69 patrols, and laid up at the Rosyth Dockyard.

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