Big Dipper (disambiguation)

Big Dipper (disambiguation)

Big Dipper is the American term for the seven brightest stars of Ursa Major, called the Plough in Britain.

Big Dipper also may refer to:
* Big Dipper, alternative name for a roller coaster ride, especially in the United Kingdom. Several roller coasters are specifically known by this name, including;
** Big Dipper (Blackpool), a wooden roller coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach
** Big Dipper (Geauga Lake), a wooden roller coaster at Geauga Lake.
** Big Dipper (Luna Park Sydney), a wooden roller coaster operating at Luna Park Sydney from 1935 until 1981.
** Cyclone (Dreamworld), a steel roller coaster which operated as Big Dipper at Luna Park Sydney from 1995 to 2001.
*Big Dipper (band), a 1980s-1990s Boston alternative-rock band
*"Big Dipper", a song by Built to Spill from their 1994 album "There's Nothing Wrong with Love"
* For other uses of the big dipper see Starry Plough

As a nickname in sport, Big Dipper may also refer to:
* Wilt Chamberlain (1936–1999), American basketball player
* Robert DiPierdomenico (born 1958), Australian rules footballer
* Chris Duncan (born 1981), American baseball player

In music:
* Big Dipper, a 1978 song by Elton John
* Big Dipper, a 2003 album by Drop Trio

See also

* Beidou, Chinese name of Big Dipper.

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