Abundance (disambiguation)

Abundance (disambiguation)

Abundance may refer to:
* Abundance (economics), the opposite of scarcity
* Abundance (ecology), the relative representation of a species in a community
* Abundance (programming language), a Forth-like computer programming language
* Abundance, a property of abundant numbers

In chemistry:

* Abundance (chemistry), when a substance in a reaction is present in high quantities
* Abundance of the chemical elements, a measure of how common elements are
** Natural abundance, the natural prevalence of different isotopes of an element on Earth
* Abundance of elements in Earth's crust

In literature:

* Abundance (A Harvest of Life, Literature & Art)
* "Abundance" (play), a 1990 stage play written by Beth Henley
* Al-Kawthar (سورة الكوثر) ("Abundance"), the 108th sura of the Qur'an

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